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WWE News: Samoa Joe talks about his time in NXT and his main roster debut

What did Samoa Joe have to say about his time in NXT?

Will the Destroyer get to face The Beast Incarnate?

What’s the story?

Samoa Joe joined Chris Jericho on the Talk is Jericho podcast and spoke about his time in NXT and some of the circumstances surrounding his main roster debut.

In case you didn’t know...

Joe joined NXT in 2015 and went on to face a variety of opponents including Sami Zayn, Finn Bálor, Shinsuke Nakamura and Baron Corbin. He became the first Superstar ever to hold the NXT Championship twice. 

Joe was rumoured to be a surprise entrant in the 2017 Royal Rumble match, but he didn't make his debut until the January 29, 2017, episode of Raw when he appeared as Triple H’s hitman.

The Heart of the matter

When Jericho asked Joe about the NXT brand, the Destroyers said that he felt NXT as a brand had grown to the level of Ring of Honor and the now-defunct ECW. ( All quotes are courtesy of Wrestling Inc)

“NXT is at a level now where it is a third touring brand within the WWE spectrum and you have to now produce talent that have the risk of being gone. I liken it to a Ring Of Honor or an ECW where it's like you'd build these huge stars, but eventually opportunity comes calling and now you have to start from scratch.”

Joe also talked about his debut on the main roster and said that he was told to be prepared for a main roster debut back at NXT Takeover: Toronto. However, the former NXT Champion claims he wasn’t told anything concrete until two days before the Royal Rumble match.

“I think at a certain point it became kind of an unspoken thing. And then, I remember, I want to say, going probably after Toronto [Canada], NXT TakeOver: Toronto, it was mentioned to me, 'hey, listen, there [are] probably going to be some opportunities for you elsewhere… so be ready. And I really didn't learn about the debut until the day before the Rumble. Then, the plan was kind of laid out to me."

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What’s Next?

Samoa Joe interrupted in the main event of the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw and attacked Seth Rollins. It looks like The Destroyer will be locked in a feud with The Architect for quite some time.

Author’s take

Joe’s been a great asset to the WWE since his debut two years ago. His intensity and his great wrestling ability is only matched by few and is what has gotten him to this point in his career.

He’s only been on the main roster for 5 months and hasn’t done much, but if AJ Styles debut in 2016 is any indicator of what’s to come, he’ll have a fantastic career on the main roster. 

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