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WWE News: Sean ‘X-Pac’ Waltman talks 2017 Hall of Fame induction for Chyna, if Bret Hart was selfish

Waltman wants Chyna to be inducted into the Hall of Fame sooner rather than later.

Waltman and Chyna were in a relationship for close to 2 years

What’s the story?

Former WWE superstar Sean Waltman, popularly known as X-Pac, recently appeared on an interview with Wrestling Inc where he spoke about whether Chyna should be inducted into WWE Hall of Fame this year and also provided his point of view on claims of the legendary Bret Hart being selfish.

In case you didn’t know…

Both Waltman and Chyna left the WWE at around the same time in the year 2002 and entered a relationship some months later. The couple got engaged for a brief period in 2003 but broke up before getting engaged once again. Chyna was arrested in January 2005 on charges of domestic assault on ‘X-Pac’ and the two of them split up soon after. The 2-time WWF European Champion tried to reconcile with his partner on the VH1 reality TV show, The Surreal Life, of which Chyna was a part. However, she refused to do so and Waltman was forced to leave the show by the other participants.

The heart of the matter

On being asked whether his former fiancée, the late Chyna, should be inducted into the 2017 Hall of Fame, Sean Waltman readily agreed. Although he admitted that many people were ahead of her in the line, he opined that it would be better for her to be inducted sooner rather than later. This is what ‘X-Pac’ had to say about the matter:

“I think it is. And I was talking to Austin about this the last time I was on Austin's show and both of us feel the same about it. Why not in 2017? Explain to me why. And you can say that other people are in line ahead or whatever, and they are, they are. But I just think sooner's better than later for sure. There's no doubt in my mind that she's going in, man.”

During the conversation, Waltman also explained that Bret Hart was not as selfish as people made him to be, making reference to his memorable match against the legend on Raw in 1994. He said that he found it hard to call Hart selfish because he knows the struggles it took for him to reach the place that he did. He was quoted as saying this:

“I just remember how Bret often times is referred to as selfish and a lot of times, he has been. And I kind of really have a hard time blaming him with how hard it was and how much he had to claw and scratch to get where he was.

But he was anything but selfish. He actually went out on a limb and turned himself slightly heel in that match by really, really getting it. I wouldn't call it heel, but very aggressive and made me the babyface, and thengave me the endorsement afterwards, raised my hand.”

What next?

Although Chyna has received a lot of support from all quarters in terms of a posthumous induction into the WWE Hall of Fame this year, rumours seem to suggest that she may not make the list in 2017. However, there may still be a distinct possibility of it happening.

Sportskeeda’s Take

Chyna was a revolutionary figure in the women’s division during the Attitude Era and played a huge role in altering the perception of people towards women’s wrestling. By including her in their Hall of Fame just months after her death, the WWE could pay a perfect tribute to their only female Intercontinental Champion.

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