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WWE News: Seth Rollins beats Bray Wyatt controversially in 2nd match before Hell in a Cell 2019 [VIDEO]

Rohit Nath
16.41K   //    22 Sep 2019, 11:49 IST

An image of Rollins and Wyatt from the Calgary Live Event
An image of Rollins and Wyatt from the Calgary Live Event

Bray Wyatt faces Seth Rollins...again

WWE fans were taken by surprise this past week when Seth Rollins and The Fiend Bray Wyatt faced off in a live event at Calgary. In the latest live event at Edmonton, Alberta - the two would face off in yet another Universal Championship match.

This time around, there was another interesting turn of events.

What went down in Edmonton?

According to fans in attendance, Seth Rollins came out for another Universal Championship match against Bray Wyatt. The champion entered first and a vignette of Firefly Fun House was played before he made his entrance (which some described as the best part of the show).

Following this, their match would get underway and Seth Rollins would even land a Curb Stomp, which was no-sold by Bray Wyatt. It led to The Fiend attacking him with the Mandible Claw and shoving him to the corner, after which the referee disqualified him for not abiding by his instructions and breaking the hold.

After the match, Rollins would Curb Stomp Wyatt 5 more times, all of which were no-sold. After the final one, Wyatt had the Mandible Claw in Rollins' mouth and the lights went out before he disappeared.

The match ended controversially, but it's interesting to note that over half the audience was reportedly booing Seth Rollins. You can even see the number of people booing him in the full match here below:

What does this mean for Hell in a Cell?

This is likely WWE testing the waters for what they could do at Hell in a Cell. One thing is for sure - The Fiend is going to be doing a lot of no-selling of the Curb Stomp and more. However, what seems more evident is the larger audience's desire to see The Fiend become Universal Champion.


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