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WWE News: Seth Rollins' finisher finally has a name

26.06K   //    25 Sep 2017, 10:45 IST

Seth Rollins after his big win at Wrestlemania
Seth Rollins after his big win at Wrestlemania

What's the story?

Seth Rollins might finally have gotten a name for his finisher, and it is a city in Game of Thrones.

In case you didn't know...

Seth Rollins had an amazing finisher when he came to WWE, in the form of the Curb Stomp. The move was attractive, easy to execute and had a lot going for it.

When the Curb Stomp was banned by WWE, it was the Pedigree that Rollins chose as a finisher instead. He used it during his run as a heel and then when he turned face. Rollins stopped using the Pedigree after he used it to put away its creator, Triple H at Wrestlemania.

Rollins finally debuted his current Finisher after that, and it looked a lot like Kenny Omega's knee strike in NJPW.

The heart of the matter

The move remained nameless for a long time and Seth continued to use it at intervals. Finally at No Mercy, where Corey Graves called the move the "King's Landing".

The move was certainly impressive, and maybe just what the Architect needed in his arsenal.

Kings Landing is also the name of another Independent wrestler's signature. Ricochet uses the move as a signature except that it is a Reverse lifting STO for him.

Whether it is confirmed as the name of the finisher is yet to be seen, but for now, the fans can cherish the new name.


What's next?

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose successfully retained their tag team titles at No Mercy as they defeated Cesaro and Sheamus again. It is yet to be seen whether, on Raw, Seth and Dean find new opponents for their tag titles.

Author's take

The King's Landing is a very WWE name for a finisher and it suits Seth Rollins to the hilt. The finisher is a good one, but still somehow lacks something that would make it great. The addition of the name and its constant usage is just what it needs.

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