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WWE News: Talking Smack recap 12/21/16

A post-show that outlined major upcoming feuds!

Will Baron Corbin finally get his much-awaited push?

The show started with our favourite duo, Daniel Bryan and Renee Young, seated on the panel. Natalya, Becky Lynch and Baron Corbin were scheduled for tonight's SmackDown post-show, Talking Smack.

Daniel Bryan addressed the elephant in the room and asked Young about her vicious outburst, post the Intercontinental Title bout. Young for the first time, on television, admitted her relationship with Dean Ambrose and exclaimed her remorse for her reaction but insisted that The Miz crossed the line and got what was coming to him.

Spoiler alert! Rhyno came in dressed as a Santa, and the first guest Baron Corbin follows.

Corbin spoke about finally getting the opportunities that he deserves and bragged about his recent off air achievements, including being awarded the Most Metal Athlete last week, which also justified his absence from the previous edition of SmackDown.

He also talked about his main event with Ziggler that saw Styles throwing a fit, which is very characteristic of him. Upon being asked, who he thought was more dangerous between Styles and Ziggler heading into the WWE Championship match next week, The Lone Wolf took a diplomatic approach and claimed that he is the most vicious among the three.

Corbin also took a dig at Styles' ankle injury and stated that if he was not in pain already, he would be crying after his match with him and Ziggler, next week. Rhyno, our Santa, cut in and told Corbin that he needs an attitude adjustment. He went on to say that he has now been inducted in the naughty list.

Corbin shrugged it off and asked him to either leave or change his mind before the Lone Wolf left the panel in utter disgruntlement.

Following Corbin's exit, the dynamic duo listed out the matches for the forthcoming episode of SmackDown Live, which included a Triple Threat title bout for the WWE World Championship and also Becky Lynch vs. Alexa Bliss for the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship.

Daniel Bryan also hyped the return of the most decorated wrestler in the history of WWE, John Cena, that is scheduled for next week.

Young asked Bryan for his opinion on being the General Manager of SmackDown Live, to which the latter said he felt pretty good about it and mentioned that the blue brand had given the wrestlers the purpose and recognition they yearned for, prior to the brand split.

Bryan said that the success of the alleged 'B' show is a testament to the greatness of Shane McMahon.

The next guest to join the illustrious panel was The Irish Lass Kicker Becky Lynch, who continually thanked Daniel Bryan for the title opportunity he gave her after winning earlier in the night. Lynch added that Bliss was running away from her, ever since she won the Championship at TLC.

Lynch said that Alexa crossed the line last week when she kicked the belt and didn't deserve to lead the locker room, despite her current status.

Lynch added that she doesn't want the Championship, but needs it desperately. Young also asked about the locker room reaction to Bliss being the Champion, to which Becky retorted saying that they are a disappointed bunch, who lack motivation as everyone is trying to take an easy way to the top.

She stated that SmackDown needs a role model and added that she’d be a perfect fit for that role.

Bryan and Young then shift their conversation to Brie’s pregnancy and also spoke about Mojo Rowley's friendship with the guest of the night, Ryan Phillippe. Ryder's terrible injury then became the focal point of the show, and they mentioned the opportunities that he has missed during the past year owing to injury.

Young added that this had become the story of Ryder's life, and as a consequence, the Four Corner Fatal Four-Way between the Wyatts, the returning Uso, Slater and Rhyno and the American Alpha was announced to decide the next number one contender for the Tag Team titles.

Natty joined the panel next, and right off the bat mentioned that the Santa is a bit creepy. Bryan, Young and Natalya then talked about the bomb she dropped earlier in the night, which was unlike her, after being with Bellas through their thick and thin.

Natalya said that she just shifted the focus on herself and noted that it was a mistake to train the Bellas in the first place. She mentioned her wrestling background and said that she is the only woman to come out from the dungeons of the Hart family, and she commanded respect for it.

Natalia revealed the reason behind attacking Nikki before her Survivor Series match and stated that she deserved to be the captain of the team, instead. Natty said that the first seeds of dissension were sown after the twins overshadowed her for the better part of her career.

She continually spoke about her family heritage and reminded us for the 50th time that she belonged to the prestigious Hart Family. Jesus Natty we get it!! She claimed that the Hart's needed a spin-off and stated that she was tired of playing second fiddle to the Bellas, and stormed out right after.

Bryan and Young then contemplated the whole situation and the former mentioned that he is a little biased owing to his marriage to Brie Bella. However, he insisted that ten years ago a lot of women got opportunities because of their pretty faces, but the Bellas were the ones who actually made it big in the WWE. He concluded by saying that Natty had it all handed to her because of her last name.

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