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WWE News: Edge & Christian discuss the worst Raw segment ever recorded

Adam Dormer
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John Cena Sr hitting back at Edge and Lita
John Cena Sr hitting back at Edge and Lita

What’s the story?

On a recent episode of E&C's Pod of Awesomeness (Edge and Christian's entertaining podcast), a funny and informative chat with former head writer of Monday Night Raw, Brian Gerwitz shed some light into the different circumstances that led to memorable skits on the flagship WWE show.

In the interview, Brian and the seven-time Tag Team Champions discussed what part of Raw had been their personal worst and Edge admitted that he had been part of the worst ever segment according to Vince McMahon.

In case you didn’t know…

Edge and Christian host a weekly podcast with usually an ex or current WWE superstar invited along to tell tales from their time together in the WWE. Brian Gerwitz was once one of WWE's head writers and was the brains behind many of Edge and Christian's humorous skits, plus did the majority of the writing for The Rock.

The heart of the matter

During the podcast, while discussing the various memorable parts of Raw that Brian had been a part of or had written exclusively, Edge admitted Vince had once told him that a segment Edge had been a part of was the worst thing that WWE had ever produced.

The segment involved Edge going to John Cena's dad's house and belittling him, all in the name of getting into John Cena's head. The segment backfired however when Mr Cena Sr decided to ad-lib his responses to Edge's antics, which came across as cheesy and very poor acting. After a few minutes of footage was shown to Vince, a clearly annoyed Vince called Edge and said “Guys, that may have been the worst thing we’ve ever recorded. It is unusable and was unprofessional.” At that point, they scrapped the audio and Edge narrated over the footage so John's dad was no longer heard.

What’s next?

Edge, unfortunately, had to retire in 2011 after WrestleMania due to his neck issues becoming so severe that paralysis was a real possibility. Cena Sr can be found often giving his views on the current WWE product via Boston news outlets and can sometimes be very critical of what he sees.

Author’s take

The Edge and Cena rivalry was a great piece of storytelling for the WWE, with Edge getting his first WWE Championship off of Cena via the use of his Money in the Bank briefcase, whilst at the same time showing what a great mic worker and character Cena could be for the years to come. I'm sure Vince was glad he didn't take this segment to be all that Edge had to offer in the main event!

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