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WWE News: Update on The Undertaker vs AJ Styles match

An update on a potential Phenom vs Phenomenal One match.

WWE reportedly wants The Phenom to have a big role in the Rumble

PW Insider’s Mike Johnson was on The Taz Show recently where spoke about the return of The Undertaker and what his future holds. He said that it is very likely that The Undertaker will face AJ Styles for the WWE World Championship at the Royal Rumble. He said that while it has not been confirmed, it has been discussed for a while.

He also said that WWE wants The Undertaker to have a major role in the Royal Rumble, and it doesn’t get bigger than challenging for the world title. Johnson also said that he believes The Undertaker will face John Cena at Wrestlemania 33, a match that was originally scheduled to happen at Wrestlemania 32.

The Undertaker vs. John Cena match is something that has been rumbled about since late 2014 when the rumours broke out. However, John Cena got injured and missed that year’s Wrestlemania, so was unable to have the dream match.

Now that The Phenom announced his return to SmackDown Live, the brand which he helped build, their roads can easily cross, and that is very likely what may happen.

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The obvious thought behind the said rumour would be for The Undertaker to get one last title run, and challenge John Cena in a WWE World Championship match, that would also see him put the career on his line. Many believe that since The Undertaker will have one more run, it will probably be his last one.

AJ Styles vs. The Undertaker is a dream match of sorts for many as well. The Phenom vs. The Phenomenal One would be a great way to sell tickets for the Royal Rumble at Alamodome. Being the 30th anniversary of the Rumble at a venue, that they are expecting to fill with more than 60,000 fans, they need to load up on their special attractions.

Goldberg is confirmed for the Royal Rumble match. It was reported that Brock Lesnar would also be in the Royal Rumble match. It will be interesting to see who else they could get for the Rumble. 

It takes place in San Antonio, Texas, which also happens to be the hometown of Shawn Michaels, so it is likely that they might be looking to get the Heart Break Kid for a non-wrestling appearance as well.

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