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WWE News: What happened after today's Smack Down Live went off the air?

Another dark match and an emotional promo were in store for the fans in Cleveland!

John Cena made a strong statement

Today's SmackDown was live from Cleveland and although it received mixed reactions, it was still better than the red brand's show which thrived on fillers and keeping the ring occupied at all times.

The highlight of today's show would be The Miz and Dolph's segment. No one, absolutely no one has the talking ability to smack like The Miz does. Ruthless and vitriolic. With Ziggler putting his career on the line, it just made the title match at No Mercy even more 'awweeesome'.

Today's main event was fairly mediocre. With AJ Styles defeating Ambrose and John Cena giving both the competitors an AA and holding the title above them, the build-up to the main event at No Mercy seems to gain momentum albeit rather with some friction.

Notable mentions to the now thug life Usos and the backstage segment between Randy and Bray. It has great potential but WWE shouldn't stretch it to the point of it becoming a cringe-worthy B grade horror gimmick.

Are you wondering about what happened after today's Smack Down went off the air? Today's dark match saw Dolph Ziggler teaming up with the Apex Predator, Randy Orton in a tag team match against The Miz and Bray Wyatt.

And guess who won? Ziggler and Orton defeated Miz and Wyatt. Does this give us a hint of what's to come? Maybe it does. Ziggler is far from over and we might just see a new IC champion at NO Mercy. Post the match, Ziggler cut a short and an emotional promo and said that if this was the last time he performed in front of the Cleveland crowd, he just wants to say that “the Warriors blew a 3-1 lead”.

Here is the video of the promo: 

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