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WWE News: Will Ospreay responds to Seth Rollins

Karan Bedi
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The best of the best
The best of the best

What's the story?

NJPW Wrestler Will Ospreay responded on Twitter to Seth Rollins, after The Architect hinted that he made more money than Ospreay.

In case you didn't know...

Will Ospreay is probably one of the best wrestlers in the world who is neither in WWE or AEW. His matches with Ricochet are off the charts and have received praise from the wider wrestling community. He goes by the nickname of The Ariel Assassin.

Seth Rollins has been highly active on Twitter lately, by proclaiming that 'WWE is the best pro wrestling on the planet' shortly before WWE Stomping Grounds. In accordance with that, he believes that he has been consistent in his performances.

Seth Rollins has been defending WWE profusely and calling out WWE's critics online. Now, Will Ospreay and Rollins have been getting into it since then. Ospreay insisted that he has wrestled more matches than Seth Rollins in 2019. Rollins responded by insinuating that he has a bigger bank account than Ospreay does.

The heart of the matter

Will Ospreay decided to fire back on Twitter to Seth Rollins directly, after his comment about making more money than him. Here is how he responded.

What's next?

While Twitter feuds are quite the norm these days, it's interesting to see Seth Rollins and Will Ospreay go after each other. Is it a little off-color for Seth Rollins to say that he makes more money than Ospreay? Perhaps, but I'll leave that to the wrestling fans to decide.

On the other hand, it would be great to see if this would ever lead to an actual match between the two. While this 'friendly banter' is fun to watch, it would be 'wonderful' if the WWE Universe actually got to see them go at it in the future.

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