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WWE Rumours: WWE sidelines Alberto Del Rio & Paige's relationship

Is WWE avoiding the most talked about wrestling relationship of 2016?

Is WWE refusing to acknowledge the two “forbidden” lovers?

On the latest episode of Total Divas, the origins of the Alberto Del Rio-Paige relationship was on display. On the website gallery, WWE did not post any photos of Paige and Del Rio, although the two are a part of the main storyline of the episode. There were no videos of the two either. 

WWE did post pictures of Paige’s friends and co-workers reacting to the situation and discussing their concern for her, but not the situation itself. Even so, the photos have no description under them like they usually do. The latest episode of Total Divas saw Paige’s friends react to finding out that Paige and Alberto Del Rio started dating. 

They were first made aware of the situation at a “going away” party that Natalya held for Naomi before she went to Canada to film Marine 5. 

Paige told her friends that she and Del Rio just happened to be hanging out together one night and it happened. Paige’s friends admitted that they had never seen her so smitten before, and Paige declared that she was in love. 

The episode also revealed that Paige had been missing live events, which led to major concern from her friends and Senior Director Of Talent Relations, Mark Carrano. Renee Young, her fellow Total Divas star, approached Paige separately to find out the problem. 

Paige revealed that she had gone through a mental breakdown, and was even considering packing her bags and moving back to England. In the episode, it was also revealed that she had moved to San Antonio, where Del Rio lives. 

Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Paige has not been in contact with any WWE officials, since her suspension. The report by WON also stated that Paige had isolated herself from the locker room. 

According to All Wrestling Newsthere is even speculation that Paige may have failed WWE’s Wellness Policy for the third time. The first two times were on 17th August and 10th October. A third suspension in WWE results in termination of a performer’s contract.

This came up, after a recent tweet by Paige saying,

“When you do nothing wrong but things still bite you in the a** for no reason. Always fun haha”.

However, if that were the case, WWE would announce the suspension almost immediately. Her second suspension, according to WWE, was due to her taking an illegal substance, which went against the claims of Paige and her family that she was taking painkillers, prescribed by her doctor.

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