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WWE News: WWE staff happy with Alberto Del Rio's departure?

Del Rio's departure didn't really bring out the waterworks among the WWE staff.

Del Rio announced his departure from WWE earlier this month

WWE programming hasn’t really taken too much of a hit after the departure of Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio had been drafted to SmackDown Live during the brand split and was performing as a mid-card heel. He was regularly part of the program but was suspended out of the blue and then things went downhill since then.

One of the most acclaimed  and renowned Mexican wrestlers of this generation, Del Rio has been underutilized since his return to the company last year. Paige, a two-time Divas champion has also faced a similar treatment. She is one of the best in-ring workers in the women's division of WWE. They’ve had to face a lot of heat ever since the news of the two being romantically linked broke out.

Del Rio and Paige were already facing a lot of backstage heat for their relationship. Triple H may have been a primary catalyst for this as he is reported to have taken matters up with Vince. Triple H was not happy with Del Rio and Paige’s relationship. He felt that Del Rio’s partying ways was a bad influence on the young Paige.

The writing was on the wall when both Del Rio and Paige were handed out suspensions for WWE Wellness Policy violations heading into SummerSlam. Del Rio had then reported that he would part ways with the company once he had served his suspension. The fate of Paige was also hanging in the balance with numerous rumors of her leaving and following her ‘Papi’. 

The WrestlingOnlineNews has recently reported that not too many backstage were saddened to see Del Rio go. Alberto Del Rio is a former WWE Champion and will go down in history books as the man who won the largest Royal Rumble in 2011 consisting of 40 men. He was highly regarded and respected in the locker room. Despite having his fans in the locker room, most of the WWE staff weren’t grief stricken at his departure earlier this month.

The main reason for this is Del Rio’s attitude. It is being reported that Del Rio’s ego was an issue that annoyed backstage workers and he often rubbed people the wrong way during various discussions and interactions. This coupled with Triple H’s disgust for the man somehow hastened his departure.

Del Rio is now a free agent looking to work on a part-time schedule with a number of promotions. He made an appearance in WCPW and is scheduled to work a match there later this year. He has also been in talks wit TNA, Lucha Underground and CMLL.

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