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WWE News: Young Bucks "would love to wrestle" two former World Champions in a tag team match

Gary Cassidy
3.59K   //    06 Jan 2018, 23:13 IST

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What’s the story?

With Chris Jericho fresh off of fighting Kenny Omega in Japan and attacking Naito on New Year Dash, it looks like Y2J may be staying in NJPW slightly longer than first anticipated.

Well, after a photo of two WWE legends surfaced online, the seven-time IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions have now said they'd love to wrestle the two former WWE World Champions.

The photo retweeted by Nick Jackson was this...

In case you didn't know...

Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio have been friends for a very long time, with Chris Jericho recently listing Rey as one of his five favourite opponents of all time.

While this is a match no-one thought could ever happen just a few months ago, with Y2J hinting that he may not be returning to WWE anytime soon, performing in the same promotion as The Young Bucks, this becomes a much more viable option than previously thought.

Rey Mysterio is currently signed to Lucha Underground in a seemingly non-exclusive contract, having made indie appearances across the globe over the past two years, it may not take too much convincing him to join the three in Japan.


The heart of the matter

The Young Bucks are very active on social media and have utilised it many a time to stir up some trouble - not least when they set up camp outside the arena WWE Raw was being televised from last year - so this could just be an off-the-cuff comment, but it's definitely one that could come to fruition with a lot of the moving parts not being too far apart at the time of reporting.

The match may not even have to happen in Japan with these four all being eligible to perform in other promotions. NJPW's contracts aren't quite as strict as those of WWE, and a perfect location for the match could just be in a Ring of Honor ring.

We know there would be no issue with the Bucks wrestling there, and with Jericho hosting the ROH Sea of Honour tournament on board his cruise later this year, you'd have to think there's a good relationship there. The only issue would be how strict the limitations are on Mysterio's Lucha Underground contract and whether it permits him wrestling in the larger promotions.

What's next?

Well, we're most likely to see this unfold on Twitter given the current status of all of these talents, so we'll have to see if either Jericho or Mysterio bite back at the Bucks in the coming days.

Author’s take

This would be a dream match for most wrestling fans, albeit probably one that no-one knew they wanted to see until Nick Jackson sent the tweet out. With Chris Jericho having just competed in his first match outside of WWE since 1999, it's no shock that all of these potential dream matches are now coming to the fore.

It seems like Naito's next, but with Fozzy scheduled to tour for most of this year and the Rock and Wrestling Rager At Sea confirmed for October, Jericho doesn't look too likely to return to WWE anytime soon, so who knows how many times we'll see him wrestle outside of WWE?

You never know, Chris Jericho loves lists, he may even take a leaf out of the book of Cody Rhodes...