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WWE No Mercy 2017: Why the success or failure of the Cena vs Reigns match-up depends on No Mercy crowd

Alex Ferns
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Big Match John vs.Big Dog
Big Match John vs.Big Dog.

This year's edition is the first time No Mercy is going to be a Raw PPV in its history. Although in the past it has been seen as just a regular PPV, the WWE Universe (as us fans are called) are excitedly awaiting more than just one WrestleMania-worthy match-up on the show's card. The bout that stands out above all, however, is of course, Roman Reigns vs.John Cena.

After this year's SummerSlam, WWE instantly and surprisingly started sowing the seeds for a Reigns vs. Cena feud. This was a surprise to many of us fans because this is a feud that probably could main-event most WrestleManias, no matter who else is on the card. Therefore, seeing the match billed for a PPV that has not been really anything special over the years, was a bit of a shock to the system. That being said, I think it was shock we should all welcome.

In my opinion because these guys are the two biggest WWE stars of our era, with Cena's tenure as WWE's top guy slowly coming to an end as he moves onto Hollywood and as Reigns rightfully moves closer to taking his spot as The Guy in the company once and for all. This No Mercy match-up has been nothing but a godsend, especially with WrestleMania and Summerslam being disappointments in regards to both its build-up and the actual events themselves. Its build up on Raw over the last few weeks has been the most entertaining footage to have graced WWE TV all year. Cena and Reigns' back and forth worked-shoot promos have really grasped the spectator's attention and excitement for Sunday's match.

With my high praise of the build-up to this huge match, you maybe wondering 'what could not make the Staples Center not have an electric atmosphere fit for the occasion?'. Well, this is a match between two babyface Superstars who have had more boos in their recent careers than even the best WWE heels of today could wish for combined. This is what worries me for Sunday, because if Reigns and Cena are not quick to get into the swing of things, this match will become an open invitation for WWE's hardcore base present at No Mercy to start hijacking the match with boos and chants, attaching an unwanted stigma to this match when its being watched back for years to come. The 'Big Dog' vs 'Big Match John' is this generation's Hogan vs Warrior, Rock vs.Austin, Rock vs.Hogan and Hart vs,Michaels etc, but this is a very different generation to ones of old. If Cena and Reigns were wrestling each other in the 80's, they would undoubtedly be cheered by all sections of the crowd, but unfortunately for them, nowadays fans just expect more from WWE Superstars than they did before.

This is why I graciously, but urgently, wish for two things :

1: Give the match a chance

To any hardcore fan attending the Staples Center on later,who does not like Cena or Reigns - I ask you to give the match a chance, and to not boo the two guys for the sake of it. Remember, you were given your chance as a child to witness Hogan vs.Warrior/Rock vs.Austin etc, so let Young WWE Fans of today be inspired by the most two polarizing Superstars of their childhood without having you ruin the moment by booing the match throughout.

You wouldn't have wanted to hear elder fans jeer your favourite WWE childhood moment when it happened, so just because you are a now harder to please adult of the 21st Century, do not forget you were once the kids that will be eagerly cheering on Cena or Reigns tomorrow. Watch the match with an open mind, not a closed one, because it will say more about the crowd you are in than about Cena or Reigns if you have the mentality of just wanting to boo the match regardless of performance. If you try to enjoy it, you might just do so (Sorry if I sound like a lecturer).

2: What Cena and Reigns can do


To John Cena and Roman Reigns - Please get straight into your match tonight, i.e don't do the stand around and pose for five minutes thing that rubs all fans up the wrong way. Start off the match with a bang and you will keep the Staples Center entertained and on your sides for the remainder of the showdown. Give the children in the audience a reason for seeing either of you as their heroes and give the hardcore fans a reason to forget their hatred for you both.

That is all I have to say.I hope you enjoyed my article, and more importantly, I hope we will enjoy Roman vs. Cena at No Mercy tonight. It is certainly not everyday that we get WrestleManiaesque matches at non-WrestleMania PPVs. I for one can't wait for the square-off between these two Mega-stars. So the only question now is, will Cena 'chop' Reigns right down to size, or will Roman personally make Cena pass the torch with his name on it ?

Comment below to tell me what you think of my article and the Cena vs.Reigns clash of clans.

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