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WWE NXT Results 14th December 2016, Latest NXT winners, review and video highlights

The final battle between Joe and Nakamura plus we get one step closer to finding out who the next #1 contender will be.

We saw the final battle between Shinsuke Nakamura and Samoa Joe

Tonight's episode of NXT kicked off with footage of Nakamura in his native Japan as he prepared for his championship match against Samoa Joe before we skipped ahead to footage of his title match with Joe from last week's episode of NXT, as he regained his NXT Championship.

We then skip ahead to footage of Regal informing Nakamura after the match that Joe had asked for a rematch, and this match would be inside a steel cage and the last match in their feud.

The first match of tonight's episode came to us Melbourne, Australia.

Shinsuke Nakamura (C) vs Samoa Joe (Steel Cage match for the NXT Championship)

Samoa Joe and Nakamura took each other to the limit

The Aussie crowd were hot as the challenger and the champion made their way out to the ring, chanting Joe's name and singing along to Nakamura's theme as he made his way down to the ring.

The two men squared off as they circled each other in the beginning as Nakamura hit a single-leg takedown to take Joe down to the mat. Joe then used his strength to break out and get up, pinning Nakamura into the ropes and the corner. Nakamura then taunted a livid Samoa Joe before kneeing him in the gut and hitting the Good Vibrations in the corner.

Joe then showed his incredible power as he launched Nakamura back-first into the steel cage before launching himself at Nakamura as he was pinned between the cage and the ropes.Nakamura then hit back with a spinning left heel kock before repeatedly kneeing Joe in the gut before looking for an inverted Exploder Suplex.

Joe avoided the Exploder Suplex but got hit by a devastating German Suplex instead. However, as Nakamura looked to finish Joe off with a running knee, Joe hit a snap Powerslam to take Nakamura down.

Both men then traded forearms in the middle of the ring before Joe stunned Nakamura with a series of open hand strikes. Joe then locked in the Coquina Clutch but Nakamura managed to use the turnbuckle to break out of the hold before Joe could lock it in properly.

Nakamura then caught Joe with a sliding knee strike to the head for a nearfall. Nakamura then made the first attempt to climb out of the cage but Joe met him on the top turnbuckle and attempted a top-rope Muscle Buster. Thankfully for Nakamura, he brke out of it and smashed Joe's face against the cage before hitting a top-rope Powerbomb.

Nakamura then climbed back up to the top turnbuckele and balanced himself on the top rope before hitting a flying Kinshasa to Joe. It looked devastating.

Both men were down on the mat as Nakamura willed himself towards the open cage door. Nakamura shut the cage door and turned towards Joe and hit another Kinshasa as the crowd chanted "one more time". Joe got back on his feet somehow as Nakamura hit another Kinshasa before finally pinning Joe to pick up the win. An epic battle to end an epic feud. That was intense.

Shinsuke Nakamura def. Samoa Joe

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are backstage. They say that they don't want to be associated with losers like Daria Berenato after what happened in Toronto.

At this point, Berenato shows up herself. She said that she didn't want to be a part of their future plans anymore. However, she did want to hurt one of them on next week's episode of NXT before walking away.

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