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WWE NXT Results 25th January 2017, Latest NXT winners, review and video highlights

A truly breathtaking episode of NXT, with an exceptional closing segment.

A brilliant episode, right before Takeover: San Antonio

With just a few days to go before NXT Takeover: San Antonio, this was bound to be a must-watch show, especially considering that a face-off between the four women in the Women’s Championship match was advertised. What happened in this week’s explosive episode? Let’s find out. 

Ember Moon vs. Liv Morgan

Morgan locks Ember Moon inside a guillotine

The match was made last week in a backstage segment. With neither of these women getting a Takeover spot, both aimed to impress here. Both women were working babyface, so they began by trading holds and kip-ups.

Near falls followed, a total of at least six, with a reversal each time. As the reversals picked up in steam, the two women would roll across the ring like a massive cannonball. Morgan tried to get the offence with a Hurricanrana, but a hard knee from Ember Moon followed by a fallaway slam would ensure that the balance of power shifted.

Ember Moon then locked Liv Morgan in a Crossface and transitioned seamlessly when Liv tried to roll her over for a pinfall attempt. Liv eventually powered out into a pinfall attempt and rolled out of the submission with some hard strikes. A beautiful bulldog, a dropkick and some hard strikes followed, with Liv now gaining the advantage.

Liv Morgan then locked Ember Moon in a Guillotine. However, Moon powered out and dropped Morgan all the way outside the ring. Hitting Morgan hard with her legs, and eventually delivering the Twisting Stunner ie. the Eclipse from the top rope; this was a great way to start the show!

Result: Ember Moon def. Liv Morgan

After the match, Ember Moon glared at the camera with her supernaturally red eyes. Moon then helped Morgan up, in a show of sportswomanship. With her scary eyes, she made her way to the back once again.

We saw Andrade ‘Cien’ Almas in a backstage interview, where the interviewer asked him what he thought about Roderick Strong being unworried about being called out. Almas said that the next time he saw Strong, he would kick him in the face.

Strong interrupted and said that he’s not a hard man to find. He asked Almas to kick him in the face right there since he was going to anyway. Almas would back down but attacked Strong soon after, as Roddy tried to answer some questions.  

We came in from commercial to see a great video package chronicling the rivalry between The Authors of Pain and #DIY. Paul Ellering was the anchor of this package, breaking down the run of his tag team into different ‘chapters’. Before going into commercial, we saw No Way Jose come to ringside to face Kona Reeves.

Announcer Percy Watson seemed extremely excited.

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