WWE NXT Results: Top champs defeated; Two big title matches announced - Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights (June 14th, 2022)

We got an action-packed episode of NXT tonight!
We got an action-packed episode of NXT tonight!

NXT kicked off with the tag title match between the Creed Brothers and Edris & Malik.

WWE NXT Results June (14th, 2022): Creed Brothers (c) vs. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade - NXT Tag Team Championship match

Blade and Brutus kicked off the match, and the challengers had the upper hand early on, but Julius came in and dropped his brother on top of Enofe for a near fall. Blade was back in, and Brutus hit a botched hip toss on Julius, intending to hit Malik with a human projectile.

Blade got a near fall with a knee strike before Enofe came back in for an elbow drop. The former was back in and tried to take down Julius with a flying crossbody and got caught. Brutus tagged back in and hit the sliding clothesline on Blade for the win.

Result: Creed Brothers def. Edris Enofe & Malik Blade to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship

Grade: B

Indi Hartwell was backstage with Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez and felt like the odd woman out of the group, but Jade and Roxy reassured her that they had a lot in common, namely their hatred for Toxic Attraction.

Back after a break on NXT, Apollo Crews cut a promo inside a diner, talking about his career and subsequent move to NXT. He then knocked out a guy who was yelling at the waitress. This happened once in his daydream and then for real, as the camera faded out.

Fallon Henley vs. Tiffany Stratton on NXT

Fallon Henley unloaded on Tiffany right off the bat, but the latter managed to trap her within the ring apron and pounded on her. Stratton locked in an intricate submission hold, but Henley broke out of it before hitting a front face slam.

Stratton hit a knee to the face and got a near fall before Wendy Choo showed up on a bouncy ball and threw confetti at Tiffany's face. The distraction allowed Henley to roll Stratton up for the three-count and pick up the win.

Result: Fallon Henley def. Tiffany Stratton

Grade: B-

Cameron Grimes was still moping after his title loss backstage before Bron Breakker and Duke Hudson got to talking about their past match. Bron offered a title match to Hudson to settle their differences.

.@bronbreakkerwwe wants to put the #NXTTitle on the line against @sixftfiiiiive... TONIGHT?!#WWENXT

Xyon Quinn vs. Wes Lee on NXT

Quinn started off strong and was tossing Lee around the ring before trying to spear him through the ropes to the outside but then modifying it into a slam. Lee was being stomped on by the much larger Quinn.

Quinn went for another spear in the corner, but Lee dodged it, sending the former head-first into the turnbuckles. The tides had turned and Lee came in a massive tornado senton from the top for the win.

Result: Wes Lee def. Xyon Quinn

Grade: B

The Dyad vs. Dante Chen & Javier Bernal on NXT

Joe Gacy's loyal followers took on Dante Chen, and newcomer Javier Bernal and one of the robed fellows were being isolated early in the match. The Dyad do not have names or any other way to tell one apart from the other as the match went on.

The other hooded man came in off the tag and took the fight to Dante Chen before tagging in his partner as they turned things around on Chen, isolating him in the ring. Bernal tagged in and got a leg sweep before being tossed off the ropes. Gacy's associates then hit a combination DDT finisher and picked up the win.

Result: The Dyad def. Javier Bernal and Dante Chen

After the match, Gacy talked about how the fans' negativity affected superstars like him.

.@JoeGacy and The Dyad have big plans for #WWENXT.

Grade: C

Sanga had a run-in with Xyon Quinn backstage on NXT and decided that he had found his next opponent.

Nikkita Lyons was in a promo and said that she was sadly unable to return for the Breakout Tournament because of her injury. She was training to make her big return to the ring.

Tony D'Angelo was out next with Two Dimes and Stacks, as well as the Legado del Fantasma. Tony gave gifts to Two Dimes and Stacks while for the others, he had words of wisdom. He then claimed that as the Don, he deserved a shot at the title without mentioning which one he wants to go after.

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams came out and interrupted the Don to tell him that it wasn't happening. Tony said that he called the shots here and called for a title match with Melo next week. Tony's associates Two Dimes and Stacks suggested they have a match with Melo and Trick to 'soften them up', and the champ and his compatriot accepted the challenge.

Bron Breakker (c) vs. Duke Hudson - NXT Championship Match

Hudson attacked Breakker before the bell and sent him in the corner. Bron managed to gather himself and hit a spear as the bell rang and lifted Hudson for a massive powerslam before getting the easy win.

Result: Bron Breakker def. Duke Hudson to retain NXT Championship

Statement made.@bronbreakkerwwe makes short work of @sixftfiiiiive on #WWENXT.

Grade: C

Cameron Grimes came out after the match and was looking to have a conversation with the champ. Grimes got in the ring with Breakker and told him that he only got the title because of his last name.

.@CGrimesWWE is getting right back on that rocket and shooting for the moon! πŸš€#WWENXT @bronbreakkerwwe

Grimes reminded fans that he respected Bron's abilities, but it was still a fact that his family name secured his position in the industry. Grimes challenged for the NXT Title, saying that he was done with the catchphrases since they didn't mean a thing.

Breakker accepted the challenge and the two shook hands before the show moved on.

The Creed Brothers and Ivy Nile nearly had it with Roderick Strong and his unsolicited advice. They tricked him into accepting a tag team match that the tag champs had booked behind his back.

Giovanni Vinci vs. Guru Raaj on NXT

.@VinciWWE is looking to impress in his #WWENXT debut against @gururaajwwe.

We got the debut of Giovanni Vinci and he was facing Guru Raaj in his first match on NXT. Vinci got some big moves early on and lifted him on his shoulders, but Raaj reversed the move and tried to make his comeback.

Vinci no-sold the strikes from the Indian and took him down once more with a springboard move. The newcomer blocked a big boot and hit a big powerbomb before securing his first victory on NXT.

Result: Giovanni Vinci def. Guru Raaj

Grade: B

Backstage, Solo Sikoa challenged Grayson Waller to a match next week on NXT.

Cameron Grimes was in the locker room and gave Edris and Blade some professional advice, telling them not to waste their talents.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams vs. Stacks & Two Dimes on NXT

Williams and Two Dimes kicked off the match and the Italians took control of the match soon enough as Stacks tagged in. Melo tagged in, and he too was isolated in the corner. Melo was trapped in a submission move before countering a backbreaker/splash combo from the heels.

Trick came back in a took one of the associates out before Del Toro of the Legado tried to interfere but took out Two Dimes by mistake. Trick tossed Del Toro out of the ring before Melo came in with a splash and picked up the win.

Result: Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams def. Stacks & Two Dimes

Grade: B

Toxic Attraction vs. Cora Jade, Indi Hartwell & Roxanne Perez on NXT

Jade and Jayne kicked off the match, and Hartwell was tagged in early and took control of the match. Mandy tagged in and traded holds with Indi but was taken down for a cover before rolling out of the ring.

Toxic Attraction called for a timeout before all six women kicked off a brawl in the ring. After a break on NXT, Roxanne was in trouble in the ring as she and Jayne traded rollups, but the rookie was hit with a senton and went down.

Mandy was in the ring with Jade, as Jacy and Dolin interfered and helped Rose get a near fall. Jade barely managed to tag Indi, but the ref missed it and sent Hartwell back to the apron as Jade was caught in a submission move by Dolin.

Another brawl broke out in the ring before Hartwell came in and sent Rose and Jayne outside. Perez and Dolin were in the ring when Jade came in for a senton. Dolin might have been injured during the move or right before and Perez just walked in and pinned her.

Result: Cora Jade, Indi Hartwell & Roxanne Perez def. Toxic Attraction

Grade: B

Episode rating: B-

Cameron Grimes challenged Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship on tonight's show, while Tony D'Angelo demanded a shot at Carmelo Hayes' North American Title. We got a big debut and a great main event to close the show.

Vince Russo named the one thing that will make everyone stop watching WWE here.

Edited by Debottam Saha


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