WWE NXT Results: Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights (March 22nd, 2022) - Big twist in WrestleMania week title match; potential new faction?

What an action-packed night on NXT!
What an action-packed night on NXT!

Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams were in the parking lot before NXT kicked off. They headed to the ring to spectate the qualifier bout for the NXT North American Championship ladder match at NXT Stand and Deliver.

Who will be the next to punch their ticket to NXT #StandAndDeliver to challenge for @Carmelo_WWE's North American Title?We've got two qualifying matches TONIGHT on #WWENXT!

WWE NXT Results (March 22nd, 2022): Solo Sikoa vs. Roderick Strong

Soon after, the opening match was underway with Sikoa in control early on. Roderick Strong got a near fall off a backbreaker before stomping on Sikoa's feet.

Roddy hit some big knees to the head before getting a near fall on the upstart. Santos Escobar showed up at ringside as Solo reversed a suplex off the distraction before hitting a Samoan Drop for a near fall of his own.

Escobar was taunting Melo and Trick, who were on commentary. Solo and Roddy were on the ropes before the former dropped his opponent with a headbutt. Sikoa hit the frog splash from the top rope and picked up the win!

Result: Solo Sikoa def. Roderick Strong

.@WWESoloSikoa is headed to NXT #StandAndDeliver to challenge for the NXT North American Title! #WWENXT

Grade: B

Tony D'Angelo vs. Dexter Lumis on NXT

Tony D'Angelo managed to take Dexter Lumis down to the mat but Dexter got back up and locked in a submission hold. Tony got a knee drop but Lumis took him out with a big overhead toss after unloading on him with fists.

D'Angelo was caught in a headlock and managed to get out of it before fleeing the ring. Lumis chased him outside and was dropped from the apron before we headed for a break.

Back on NXT, Lumis got a big splash in the corner followed by a front face slam. The two took each other out with lariats while Duke and Persia were also at ringside. The ref was distracted and Tony tried to go for a crowbar held by Pirotta in the corner but Indi got to it first.

Persia grabbed the crowbar from Indi and D'Angelo fought with her over the weapon before managing to snatch it away. He managed to hit Dexter in the head while the referee was looking away. D'Angelo went on to hit his finisher and picked up the win.

Result: Tony D'Angelo def. Dexter Lumis

Grade: B

After the match, Tony called out Tommaso Ciampa. He claimed that he was the future of NXT and that he will prove it at Stand and Deliver. Ciampa's music hit and D'Angelo seemed ready for him, but the former NXT Champion came in from behind and hit the Fairytale Ending. Ciampa accepted the challenge for WrestleMania week before NXT continued.

Backstage on NXT, Bobby Roode and Dolph Ziggler were planning to soften Bron Breakker up for Stand and Deliver.

Elektra Lopez vs. Fallon Henley on NXT

Briggs and Jensen were in Henley's corner like it was a boxing match and Elektra was in control early on. Lopez got a near fall off a counter before dragging Henley around the ring by her hair.

Lopez locked in a surfboard submission before Briggs and Jensen got into a brawl with members of Legado del Fantasma outside the ring. Henley used the distraction to get some big moves and hit the bulldog for a near fall.

Lopez got back in control and hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for the win.

Result: Elektra Lopez def. Fallon Henley

.@FallonHenleyWWE is not afraid to take it to the powerful @elektralopezwwe, but can she pull off the upset? #WWENXT

Grade: B-

Backstage, Draco Anthony said that he was getting creepy messages from Joe Gacy and Xyonn Quinn hinted that his only solution was to face Gacy in the ring.

Wendy Choo and Dakota Kai were getting along rather well and Kai said that they were headed for an assured victory in the Women's Dusty Cup.

Robert Roode vs. Bron Breakker on NXT

Bron Breakker got some big hits in early in the match before hitting a big spear. Bron was setting up for a move in the corner but Dolph Ziggler got on the apron and dragged Roode out of the way. The ref saw the interference and sent Ziggler backstage.

Roode got a clothesline in and mocked the Steiners before getting a neckbreaker on the former NXT Champion. Breakker hit a Frankensteiner from the ropes before Roode fought back with a spinebuster. Bron blocked the Glorious DDT and hit another spear for a near fall.

Roode blocked a big move and hit the Glorious DDT before almost getting the three-count. The two clobbered each other for a bit in the ring before Roode went for a middle rope move. Breakker caught Roode and hit the Powerslam before picking up the win.

Result: Bron Breakker def. Robert Roode

After the match, Ziggler sneaked up on Breakker on the ramp and took him out with a superkick before taunting him.

Grade: B+

InDex and DuSia were backstage and Persia claimed that Duke could beat anyone on the roster, unlike Lumis. Dexter drew a picture of Gunther and Duke said that he could in fact beat the leader on Imperium and will prove it.

Andre Chase was in the middle of teaching his class and his star pupil Hayward said that he was going to destroy Von Wagner next week.

Grayson Waller vs. A-Kid on NXT

Waller was in control early on and A-Kid was being knocked around the ring as Grayson got one near fall after another. A-Kid took things outside and countered a big move when they got back in the ring before locking in the guillotine.

Grayson Waller got out of the hold and countered a dive before taking him out with his rolling stunner finisher.

Result: Grayson Waller def. A-Kid

After the match, Carmelo Hayes said that the losers from tonight's qualifiers will face each other for the last spot in the ladder match next week.

Grade: B-

The Creed Brothers vs. The Grizzled Young Veterans on NXT

The GYV said that they were not the ones who attacked The Creeds from behind because if they were to attack, they would do it straight up before rushing them in the ring.

Drake and Gibson managed to toss the Creeds out of the ring before isolating Julius. Gibson was back in before Julius took him out and got the tag before it was Drake who was being mauled in the ring.

Brutus got a sliding clothesline after he and Julius hit Drake with a double team and picked up the win.

Result: The Creed Brothers def. The Grizzled Young Veterans

Who could possibly be bold enough to destroy the @DiamondMineWWE Dojo!?#WWENXT @JuliusCreedWWE @BrutusCreedwwe

After the match, the secret attackers that The Creeds were looking for showed up on the Titantron and wrecked the Diamond Mine's gym as they watched from the ring.

Grade: B

Duke Hudson vs. Gunther on NXT

Gunther was tossing Hudson around the ring as the match started and Hudson managed to get some strikes in but they barely seemed to hurt him. Hudson fought out of a headlock before taking Gunther into the corner and hitting a German Suplex near the ropes.

Gunther took back control of the match before getting his trademark chops in the corner. He hit the Powerbomb for the win.

Result: Gunther def. Duke Hudson

"I am the most dominant competitor in NXT!"#WWENXT @Gunther_AUT

After the match, Gunther got on the mic and said that despite his dominance in the ring, WWE overlooks him while guys like LA Knight get all the recognition. Knight walked out and Gunther said that LA was everything that was wrong with the industry.

💀💀💀"I will knock your block head off your dad bod you dumb son of a *****!"#WWENXT @LAKnightWWE @Gunther_AUT

Knight challenged Gunther to a match at NXT Stand and Deliver before attacking the former UK Champion. Imperium joined in and they were about to beat up Knight but MSK rushed the ring and took the tag champs and Gunther out, clearing the ring with Knight.

Grade: C

Cameron Grimes cut a backstage promo as NXT continued and said that next week's final qualifier for the NA title ladder match was his last chance.

Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo vs. Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray - Women's Dusty Cup Final on NXT

Shirai and Choo kicked off the match and Io was in control early on. Choo blocked a 619 on Kai with her pillow before she was taken out with a kick by Io. Kai was in the ring and KLR and Io sent her to the outside before we headed for a break.

Back on NXT, KLR accidentally sent Shirai out of the ring before Choo nearly got the win off a rollup. Kai came in and Shirai took her down and got the 619 before tagging in Ray for the splash but Choo broke the pin.

Kai got the double stomp on Ray in the ring before Choo got the splash but Io broke up the pin this time. Ray got the KLR bomb on Choo before Io got the moonsault for the win.

Result: Io Shirai & Kay Lee Ray def. Dakota Kai & Wendy Choo

Shirai and KLR were celebrating their win as Toxic Attraction got in the ring and Mandy congratulated them. Mandy said that Shirai and KLR could never beat Jacy and Gigi.

KLR and Io said that they wanted to destroy Toxic Attraction by taking Mandy's title and instead of cashing in their Dusty Cup win for a tag title match, they wanted to be added to the NXT Women's Championship match at NXT Stand and Deliver.

A brawl broke out between the teams before Cora Jade came out to even the odds for Shirai and KLR. Io, Ray, and Jade managed to send Toxic Attraction out of the ring before NXT went off the air.

Grade: B

Episode rating: B

We got a great match between Robert Roode and Bron Breakker while LA Knight and Gunther set up a match for NXT Stand and Deliver. We got the finals of the Women's Dusty Cup while we got a few big qualifiers for the North American title match at Stand and Deliver.

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