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WWE RAW: 4 Biggest mistakes WWE should avoid making on the show tonight (3 June 2019)

Vatsal Rathod
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04 Jun 2019, 01:10 IST

WWE should avoid these mistakes tonight!
WWE should avoid these mistakes tonight!

We are just hours away from the go-home show of RAW for WWE Super ShowDown which takes place this Friday on June 7th at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Monday Night RAW will come to us live tonight from the Frank Erwin Center in Austin, Texas.

WWE has already announced some major segments for RAW tonight, the biggest one of them being Paul Heyman's announcement of the Beast, Brock Lesnar's cash-in on the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins.

Other than that, a major return announced for the show tonight is that of The Dead Man himself, The Undertaker. Taker is scheduled to take on Goldberg later this week at WWE Super ShowDown in what would be the two icons first one-on-one clash in the history.

With the massive war between WWE and AEW symbolically started, WWE needs to buckle up its belt and deliver solid shows to avoid losing its fans as well as TV ratings.

In this article, let's take a look at the 4 biggest mistakes that WWE should avoid making on tonight's show of Monday Night RAW. Feel free to comment your opinions on what other things WWE should avoid on the show tonight.

#4 Brock Lesnar becoming 3-time Universal Champion

If Brock wins, we riot!
If Brock wins, we riot!

The biggest segment heading into the show tonight is, hands down, Brock Lesnar's cash-in. Paul Heyman announced on Twitter a few days ago that his client will cash-in on the Universal Champion, Seth Rollins tonight on RAW.

The biggest mistake that WWE can make on the show tonight would be to let the Beast cash-in successfully on Rollins and walk-out as the 3-time Universal Champion. With all the drama and chaos involved, the chances of this happening are low but with Vince, one can never say anything for sure.

Rollins is having a great run as the Universal Champion and is making the title look valuable, something which Brock didn't during his reign. Taking the title off him and putting it again on Lesnar would not go well with the fans as his last reign was highly criticized by everyone.

I won't be surprised to see fans come with signs like "If Brock wins, we riot." Vince better not do this.

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