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WWE Raw 4 July 2016 - 5 Points to Note

There were a few bright spots on a mostly dull RAW

Top 5 / Top 10 05 Jul 2016, 13:21 IST
Rusev celebrates his victory on America’s Independence Day

The July 4th edition of Raw obviously had its share of playing up to the American Independence Day. The first few minutes of the show featured a food fight. This was going to be one of those filler shows it seemed. Also, we had Vickie Guerrero excusing her way to talk about the brand split and how she’ll be more than happy to be the one to run the show.

This show had many memorable moments, some of them were quite repetitive and the card was developed more for the upcoming PPV. The Women’s division had possibly the best build up going forward for the championship.

Here are the 5 points to note from this week’s show

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