WWE RAW: 5 Interesting directions for RETRIBUTION on the show – Epic revenge story, inevitable betrayal, and more 

RETRIBUTION is in desperate need of better storylines on WWE RAW
RETRIBUTION is in desperate need of better storylines on WWE RAW

RETRIBUTION made an exciting debut on WWE RAW in August last year. The stable quickly managed to gain a lot of attention with their destructive acts on the Red brand. The masked men kept the entire roster from getting too comfortable by damaging property and interfering in crucial matches.

However, their promising run on the show soon met one obstacle after another. An unfortunate series of bookings took away all the hype that surrounded the stable, and it is currently battling to gain more relevancy on WWE RAW.

Despite the underwhelming booking decisions involving RETRIBUTION, things can still take a turn for the better provided the creative makes the best of what is left from the stable.

In this article, we will take a look at five interesting booking decisions involving RETRIBUTION that can turn their fate on WWE RAW.

#1 Reassert the dominance of RETRIBUTION on WWE RAW

RETRIBUTION wasted a lot of time by going after Ricochet again and again
RETRIBUTION wasted a lot of time by going after Ricochet again and again

Before WWE RAW pursues any other direction involving RETRIBUTION, they desperately need to do some damage control. When this faction first arrived on the Red brand, we saw them go on an absolute rampage. They influenced the WWE Championship picture with their interferences and manhandled the babyfaces and heels alike.

Unfortunately, RETRIBUTION’s run on WWE RAW became increasingly uninteresting when they started feuding with The Hurt Business. Considering that the MVP-led stable needed a push at the time, the creative had no other option. However, things have changed now, and The Hurt Business members are doing well on their own.

This would be the right time for the creative to start booking RETRIBUTION as a relentless force on WWE RAW.

We have seen their members struggle in their matches despite the presence of other RETRIBUTION members at ringside. To make things worse, they get outplayed in both their in-ring battles as well as in the mind games. Both of those things need to be changed as soon as possible.

It would be difficult to take an anti-heroic stable seriously when they don’t have any dominant spell on WWE RAW. RETRIBUTION should be booked in more matches against the young names of the WWE RAW roster, which would give them an ample opportunity to reintroduce themselves as a big threat. Hopefully, we will see a few subtle changes in the overall booking of RETRIBUTION in the coming weeks.

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Edited by Kaushik Das
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