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WWE RAW: 5 Interesting reasons why Kane was Bray Wyatt's latest victim

Riju Dasgupta
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Published 17 Sep 2019, 09:58 IST
17 Sep 2019, 09:58 IST

Kane being attacked by The Fiend honestly made much sense
Kane being attacked by The Fiend honestly made much sense

This week's episode of RAW was awesome, and I would say that for a change, it could have gone up against almost anything else on TV and still come out smelling of roses. This is probably because Paul Heyman has firmly established control and under his guidance, the show is in safe hands, without question.

The show went off the air with Kane, mayor of Knox County returning to WWE to help Seth Rollins out against a horde of people pummelling him to a pulp. But even The Devil's favorite demon was not spared by the hottest thing in sports entertainment right now.

Simply put, The Fiend showed up and applied the mandible claw on a man who's paved the way for other supernatural characters like him. It was a great moment and anyone who can read between the lines knows how special it is.

I shall elaborate as to why The Fiend attacked Kane on this week's show in the following pages.

#5 Because Kane was helping Seth Rollins out

So, let's get the most obvious reason for the attack out of the way first. Bray Wyatt is currently feuding with Seth Rollins, and Clash of Champions actually went off the air with The Fiend applying a Mandible Claw to his Hell in a Cell opponent, choking him out instantly. The mind games would continue all through RAW with several Firefly Fun House segments for a change, this time.

Kane, who's had a very interesting history with Seth Rollins in the past, came to help him out in the main event segment when he was part of a brutal beatdown from Ziggler, Roode and The OC. Is it any wonder then that Wyatt decided that Kane was the enemy and attacked him on RAW?

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