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WWE RAW: 5 Surprises that could happen - The Fiend threatens another legend, Strange alliance

Riju Dasgupta
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30.99K   //    22 Sep 2019, 10:44 IST

Whom will The Fiend challenge next after taking Kane out?
Whom will The Fiend challenge next after taking Kane out?

WWE has really been amping it up with some great programming over the past few weeks, but because it has been facing stiff competition primarily from the NFL, the numbers have been dropping. This week, WWE will need to do something special to remind viewers that RAW is the show to watch on Monday night.

And the best way to achieve the same is through surprises galore. I can only speculate as to what will happen at the show and in this article, I will suggest 5 potential surprises that could take the show by storm.

As always, I want you to let me know what surprises you would like to see on the show. Also, what did you think of the fact that WWE already did Seth Rollins vs. The Fiend at a Live Event in Calgary, presumably for rehearsal reasons?

Also, what did you think of NXT on the USA Network?

#5 The Fiend challenges Sting

Did you notice that Bray Wyatt has a wall in the Firefly Fun House where he hangs an image of the victims he's conquered? What if we go to the Fun House and there, we see a picture of Sting, who's scheduled to be at SmackDown on FOX? It'll definitely change the dynamics entirely because, for a change, the man he's about to conquer will be ready for The Fiend (although I wonder what good it'll do).

Wyatt has been a huge fan of Sting growing up and I'm sure that to face off against a similar supernatural being who's known for his mind games would be a big deal for Wyatt personally. But more importantly, Sting has always maintained that he'll come back for another match if need be, and a clash with The Fiend will be a very big deal.

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