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5 Reasons why Seth Rollins & The Fiend faced off at Calgary weeks before WWE Hell in a Cell 

Riju Dasgupta
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Why did WWE rush into this match ahead of WWE Hell in a Cell?
Why did WWE rush into this match ahead of WWE Hell in a Cell?

At the outset, I'd like to thank JaanzMaan for the image that I've used in this article as the cover image. It is through his testimony and that of others on Twitter, that I'm able to piece together some kind of narrative with regard to what went down at WWE Calgary.

Seth Rollins and The Fiend, his Hell in a Cell opponent, faced off against one another in Calgary. Their match had The Fiend no-sell the Curb Stomp and more importantly, apply the Mandible Claw to Rollins before the lights went out and Rollins was forced to retreat.

So, why is WWE giving away what is essentially a dream match at a Live Event? The answer is really simple if you think about it, ladies and gentlemen.

Cheers to Abhilash Mendhe who wrote up an account of what went down during the match, which I'm going to use as a reference piece.

#5 A preview outside the cell

What we do know for sure is that the Universal Championship will be defended inside Hell in a Cell. This match was a preview of sorts of what to expect in the match considering that it was not in the structure. So, in a sense, nothing was actually given away per se during the match.

It's a strange thing indeed that the first televised appearance between these two men will take part inside Hell in a Cell. For those who were not in attendance and do not necessarily follow Live Event results, this will be The Fiend's first appearance since SummerSlam. What some of you may not know is that The Fiend even competed at MSG in a dark match against the B-Team.

This was the appetizer. Hell in a Cell will be the main course.

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