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WWE RAW: 5 Things Bray Wyatt revealed by killing Rambling Rabbit- Shots fired at AEW star? 

Riju Dasgupta
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11 Jun 2019, 11:44 IST

Bray Wyatt had a smashing time this week on RAW
Bray Wyatt had a smashing time this week on RAW

Sometimes, it just seems like WWE RAW belongs to a certain Universe and the Firefly Fun House just belongs to a completely different world. There is so much subtext and symbolism in these segments that it's crazy just how innovative it is.

It is clear that Bray Wyatt is primed and ready for a debut in just a few weeks. It will be very interesting to see how Bray Wyatt's debut will work out considering how out-of-the-box his current persona is.

This week's edition of the Firefly Fun House was the usual demented creepy and crazy nightmare that the show tends to be. And here are 5 things that I found interesting that I thought I should share with you folks.

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#5 Pure hell awaits outside the Firefly Fun House!

According to Dante's 'The Divine Comedy', the inscription on the gates of hell read 'Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here'. Bray Wyatt has turned it around on its head and now it reads 'Abandon All Hope Ye Who Exit Here'. Is it a shot at booking, with Bray Wyatt suggesting that the moment these vignettes are done, all hope will be lost?

We know how demoralized and demotivated a lot of the WWE roster is, right now. Maybe Bray Wyatt is indicating that the honeymoon period with everyone praising the Fun House will last as long as he is inside the Firefly Fun House. The moment he steps out and becomes just another performer, he will end up losing all creative control.

Why are certain words mentioned with a black mark over them, I wonder. Is there something special about that particular set of words?

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