WWE RAW locker room morale majorly improved since Paul Heyman’s hiring as Executive Director (Exclusive)

Seth Rollins and RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman
Seth Rollins and RAW Executive Director Paul Heyman

A wide range of WWE RAW Superstars is reportedly much happier working under Paul Heyman as Executive Director than they were prior to his introduction. This is according to sources inside the locker room.

The introduction of the former Paul E. Dangerously has apparently resulted in a “renewed positivity” about the product as well as a feeling of management approachability. A small number of RAW Superstars who had concerns about the recent push of NXT are also said to have received more air time and greater opportunities to hone and develop their characters. It was mentioned to me that "people feel wanted now".

The absence of certain Superstars, such as Mike Kanellis, the former Luke Harper, and The Revival is also said to be part of a dressing room harmony that is being settled into. One source stated that:

“Rollins was under a lot of pressure to step up and lead. Randy’s there now and everyone looks up to him too. Indy guys have got AJ too. There’s not one guy any more. It’s a lot better.”

While WWE has released a small collection of Superstars recently, with a negative impact on the locker room being one of the rumored reasons, we are yet to hear news of further releases, despite unhappy wrestlers now knowing that they have that additional option.

“It’s gone quiet. People are thinking what to do next. I think they were loud until the door opened, personally.”

An improvement in locker room morale is well overdue and is undoubtedly down to too many factors to pinpoint individual reasons. However, Paul Heyman’s name came up a number of times. The end of the Wild Card Rule was also mentioned as this led to a significant improvement in available air time for members of the roster that are currently lower down the card.

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