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WWE Raw October 31st: Analysing and grading each segment

Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns: Intense Staredown.

Goldberg hit Rusev with the Jackhammer!

After a successful Hell in a Cell PPV last night for the Raw brand, a special Halloween edition of Raw focused on laying the initial groundworks for Survivor Series, which airs on November 20th. Goldberg and Paul Heyman opened the show, hyping up the much-anticipated rematch.

Mick Foley began building his teams for the cross-brand Survivor Series matches. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins both looked to take down Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens. These segments and more were the focus in the aftermath of Hell in a Cell, as WWE and the Raw brand now look towards Survivor Series.

Was this a successful Halloween edition of Raw, or did it scare viewers away? Let’s find out, as I Analyse and Grade Each Segment from the October 31st edition of WWE Raw.

#1 Goldberg opens the show:

Was Rusev the right choice to be sacrificed at the hands of Goldberg?

Grade: 8/10

Rather than having the fans wait around for Goldberg to make his appearance, WWE made the smart decision of allowing him to open the show. Instead of having Goldberg cut another promo as he did two weeks ago, Paul Heyman was expertly introduced into the mix.

Heyman cut a splendid promo, as usual, hyping up fans for the Survivor Series bout and even brilliantly teasing that Lesnar was here tonight. Unfortunately, WWE chose poorly in their decision of who was to confront Goldberg.

Rusev interrupted (for no real reason), and was ultimately squashed by Goldberg. Rather than using a lower-card heel, the Bulgarian Brute was sacrificed for the sake of further putting over Goldberg’s explosiveness. An unwise choice from WWE, who needed to give Rusev some much-needed momentum after his loss to Roman Reigns at Hell in a Cell.

Despite this misstep, it was awesome to see Goldberg hit a Jackhammer and Spear again, and this was a fun way to open the show and have the crowd hot from the get-go.

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