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WWE RAW Results - 16th February 2015

Ratish Menon
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WWE RAW Results – 16/2/15

The show opened with John Cena coming out and addressing the crowd about how seriously he took last week’s attack by Rusev. he doesn’t believe in Rusev being unbeatable and says he is going to take the fight to the Russian and beat him to win the United States Championship. This nrings out Lana & Rusev, with Lana telling Cena he doesn’t get it and that he is no match for Rusev, who is a Super-Athlete. Cena chages Rusev on the ramp and they start exchanging blows before Cena gains an upper hand and lays out the Bulgarian Brute. The segments ends with Cena hoisting the US title.

Luke Harper vs Dean Ambrose

This match was preceeded by a segment where Dean Ambrose did a spoof of BNB and campaigned for a shot at the IC title. The match was a hard-hitting affair and while evenly matched, Ambrose ended up picking the win after executing Dirty Deeds. 

Winner : Dean Ambrose by pinfall

Triple H, Kane & Big Show appear backstage in a segment where Show & Kane are both put in matches with Daniel Bryan & Roman Reigns respectively.

Bray Wyatt cuts a cryptic promo talking about tragedies and pity.

Goldust & Stardust are shown backstage with their father Dusty Rhodes who gets them to put aside their differences.

The New Day vs Goldust & Stardust

The New Day pick up the win after Woods kicks Goldust in the face and pins him. After the match, Stardust tries to help his brother up but ends up hitting the Dark Matter on him and leaves him laying.

Roman Reigns in a backstage segment talks about Daniel Bryan and Fast Lane.

Roman Reigns vs Kane

In a back & forth affair, Kane & Roman Reigns hit each other with hard shots but Reigns picks up the win after he hits the spear on Kane outside and rolling back into the ring for a 10-count. Daniel Bryan, who was ringside on commentary taunts Reigns after the match as he leads the crowd in a YES chant as he makes his exit.

Winner : Roman Reigns vis count-out

Summer rae vs Paige

Paige comes out to the ring in a rosebud costume after the Bellas stole her ring gear in a prank. But that doesn’t affect her performance as she submits Summer with the PTO. After the match, the Bellas come out but Paige gets in the last word on the mic.

Winner : Paige via submission

Dolph Ziggler vs Seth Rollins

After the match begins, the referee send the J & J security to the back due to them causing disturbance. Dolph manages to hit the zigzag but Jamie Noble runs in and causes the disqualification, which brings out Ryback & Erick Rowan who even the odds and chase the heels out of the ring.

Winner : Dolph Ziggler via disqualification

Triple H addresses Sting

Triple H comes out to talks about last week’s embarassment at the hands of Sting, but is joined by 2-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair who cautions the game against taking the vigilante lightly. Triple H while making a statement about his confrontation with Sting, shoves Flair to the ground and promises to take care of the Sting problem.

Damien Mizdow w/The Miz vs Bad News Barrett

Mizdow was never in the match as Miz would call for him everytime he would mount any sort of offense. BNB picked up the win after hitting with the bullhammer. Post-match, Dean Ambrose comes up from the crowd and gets BNB to sign the contract after cuffing him to the ropes

Winner : Bad News Barrett

Jimmy Uso & Naomi vs Tyson Kidd & Natalya

Naomi picks up the win for her team after rolling up Natalya for a win.

Winner: Naomi & Jimmy Uso

Daniel Bryan vs The Big Show

After dominating Bryan for most of the match, Show takes the action to the outside. Roman Reigns who is seated at ringside gets involved when Big Show tackles him with a spear after Bryan sidesteps. An irate Reigns causes a disqualification loss for Bryan when he delivers a Superman punch on the giant. Bryan responds with a drop kick and they both start fighting all over the place and have to be separated by the officials as the show comes to a close.

Winner : Big Show via disqualification

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