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WWE Raw Results 19th December 2016, Latest Monday Night Raw winners and video highlights

The Raw after Roadblock was terrible......until the end.

Chris Jericho will be locked inside a shark cage at the Royal Rumble

Raw came to us from Colombus, Ohio tonight. This week’s episode featured the fallout from WWE Roadblock: End of the Line and the shards from the battle between the former Shield members and Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho. There was also the chance of a huge debut on Raw tonight – that of Emmalina.

Let’s get to the results and see what WWE had in store for us.

Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens open the show

Mick Foley made a huge announcement

Raw kicked off with Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho in the middle of the ring and they were greeted by a chorus of boos from the fans. He welcomed the crowd to the “Chris and Kevin Show”. Owens announced that he’d do anything to keep his precious Universal Championship including taking a Codebreaker from his best friend which led Jericho to ask for the footage from Roadblock to be played.

Owens then admitted that when Jericho showed up at Roadblock, he wasn’t sure what Jericho would do. He added that as much as losing the title would have hurt, losing Jericho as his best friend would hurt even more. Jericho replied that giving Owens the Codebreaker hurt him even more. After this, he invited to Owens to take part in a ”hug of Jericho”.

Jericho went on to insult Santa Claus and added him to the list of Jericho. At this point, Mick Foley’s music hit and he came and showed footage of Reigns and Rollins destroying Jericho and Owens after Roadblock. A disgruntled Owens said that his career could have been ended after what Reigns and Rollins could have ended his career.

Foley said that they were still in Pittsburgh by mistake which he quickly corrected to Columbus, Ohio. Jericho quickly added that Pittsburgh sucked.

Mick Foley then announced that Kevin Owens would face Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble again with Chris Jericho locked inside a shark cage above the ring. After this, Jericho and Owens inspected the steel cage which they deemed unfit because it was made in Ohio.

Upon closer inspection, Jericho got locked inside the steel cage, and it turned out that Mick Foley had lost the keys. This led to Jericho being suspended above the ring as we headed to commercial.

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