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WWE Raw Results: Analysing and grading each segment (January 2nd)

Reigns and Goldberg faced off during the Kevin Owens Show.


Roman Reigns and Goldberg faced off in awesome fashion

Despite it being a new year, Raw did little to improve its weekly dose of poor television. While this week’s episode was better than last week’s awful showing, the red brand continues to flounder in comparison to SmackDown Live.

Still, there were some strong highlights on an otherwise weak show. Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins’ chemistry popped on-screen in a strong opening match, although a dumb finish plagued their hard work.

 Braun Strowman and Sami Zayn clashed in a splendid Last Man Standing match, which saw Zayn fall in a valiant effort. Roman Reigns and Chris Jericho had a splendid encounter that was helped by a hot crowd, with the fans on the edge of their seats to see if Reigns would retain his U.S. Title.

Goldberg returned to close the show, intriguingly facing off with younger stars such as Kevin Owens, Braun Strowman and Roman Reigns. However, the majority of the show remained lacklustre, with a number of filler segments contributing to another mediocre edition of Raw.

So, how did each segment grade, and what were their implications heading into the Royal Rumble in three weeks’ time? Let’s find out, as I analyse and grade each segment from the January 2nd edition of Raw.

The Kevin Owens Show with Goldberg:

Goldberg and Reigns hit Strowman with a double spear

Grade: 8/10

This was a strong way to close the show, with a number of big moments exciting fans. Chris Jericho entered himself into the Royal Rumble match, with another tease of Owens vs. Jericho happening, this time for Wrestlemania 33.

Owens confronting Goldberg was great as well, as we saw a glimpse of the badass Owens that has been missing since he won the Universal Title. Goldberg and Roman Reigns faced off in a dream encounter, with a staredown exciting fans about a possible match between the two.

The double spear on Strowman was a cool moment, although it undid the work earlier in the night to make him look extremely strong. The fans were not as hot for Goldberg here either, with a lack of electricity hurting his return here. Still, this was a strong way to close the show, with some anticipation for the Rumble match being created with some awesome face-offs.

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