RAW Results: Former Women's Champion attacks referee; Two Superstars unmasked

We saw T-BAR and MACE get unmasked on WWE RAW
We saw T-BAR and MACE get unmasked on WWE RAW

This week's episode of WWE RAW may not have been the most exciting, but it definitely had some good moments, including a fascinating conclusion to the main event. We also had a number of interesting matchups on this week's show including The Miz taking on Damian Priest. Read on for full WWE RAW results.

Drew McIntyre called out MVP to kick off WWE RAW

RAW kicked off with Drew McIntyre coming down to the ring to start the show. McIntyre said he overcame two top Superstars in Strowman and Orton last week to earn his title shot at WrestleMania Backlash. The Scotsman then addressed T-BAR and MACE. He said he knew MVP was behind the attacks. MVP's music hit at this point and he made his way out.

MVP told Drew that he needed to start expecting the unexpected. McIntyre asked the former US Champion if he expected him to believe that he didn't have a part to play in last week's assault.

MVP replied that he only worked for Bobby Lashley before pointing out the recent downsizing of The Hurt Business.

As Drew left the ring and approached the former US Champion, he was blindsided by T-BAR and MACE again. The former RETRIBUTION members dragged Drew McIntyre into the ring and hit a double chokeslam.

Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin vs The Viking Raiders on RAW

Viking Raiders returned last week and got a big win over Shelton and Cedric, leading to a rematch this week.

Both teams match up pretty well and things were even early on in the match. Ivar was briefly isolated but he quickly tagged Erik in. Cedric Alexander was all over Erik but Ivar broke up the pin attempt.

Ivar then took out Shelton Benjamin before the Raiders hit Cedric with the Viking Experience for the win.

Result: Viking Raiders def. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin

Grade: B

Riddle interrupts Randy Orton's backstage interview on RAW

Kevin Patrick was backstage with Randy Orton who promised that we had seen the last of The Fiend. Riddle interrupted him at this point saying he wanted to form a tag team with Orton called Rated RK-Bro. Orton did not look impressed and walked away.

Charlotte addresses the WWE Universe on RAW

Charlotte Flair was in the ring next on RAW. She said that she came back last week and all she had wanted was to get some respect from the women in the locker room.

The Queen said she had just spoken about how she had felt and didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings. Speaking of WrestleMania, Flair said she could beat Rhea Ripley and Asuka and even claimed she could get wins over both superstars on the same night.

Charlotte Flair said that while she respected Asuka, she didn't like the Japanese Superstar.

Both Asuka and Rhea Ripley came out after this. Rhea said she expected Asuka to beat Charlotte later on in the night.

The Queen kept talking down to Asuka until the Japanese star lost her cool and told Charlotte to shut up.

Randy Orton vs Riddle on RAW

Randy Orton dominated the early stages of this match on RAW and the action soon spilled out to the apron. Orton sent Riddle crashing face-first against the hardest part of the ring before hitting him with a backdrop on the announcer's table.

Back from a commercial break on RAW, Orton continued to dominate. He had a side-headlock locked in but Riddle powered his way back to his feet.

The Original Bro hit back with strikes to Orton's midsection followed by a running splash in the corner and a flying elbow.

Orton hit back with a draping DDT. As he looked to hit the RKO and finish the match, Riddle rolled him up and pinned him to pick up the win.

Result: Riddle def. Randy Orton

Grade: A

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler vs Lana and Naomi on RAW

Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler started off this match on RAW in dominant fashion. Baszler was all over Lana when Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke came out. They showed Nia Jax footage from last week's show in an attempt to humiliate Nia.

The Women's Tag Team Champion was not happy and she followed Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke up the ramp. Baszler was left isolated and Naomi and Lana quickly planted her with a facebuster to win the match.

Result: Naomi and Lana def. Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler

Grade: C

Miz TV on RAW

We had a special edition of Miz TV next with The Miz and Maryse. They plugged the new episode of Miz and Mrs dropping following WWE RAW and also the WWE 24 documentary on The A-Lister coming on Sunday.

Damian Priest's music hit at this point as The Miz and Maryse were celebrating inside the ring. The Archer Of Infamy showed footage from last week and said that the whole world saw The Miz without his pants on. Maryse then accepted Priest's demand for a match against the former WWE Champion.

Elias was in the ring on RAW with Jaxson Ryker when he was interrupted by Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston. Woods was playing bass guitar on the ramp.

Elias (w/ Jaxson Ryker) vs Kofi Kingston (w/ Xavier Woods) on RAW

The match started with a back and forth but Elias soon took control, hitting Kofi with a vertical suplex before stomping him in the corner.

Elias worked on Kofi's left arm, trying to soften him up. The New Day member hit back with a boot to the jaw and hit a crossbody from the top turnbuckle. Kofi followed it up with an SOS in the middle of the ring.

The Drifter found an opening and headed to the top rope but Kofi stopped him in his tracks and went for a hurricanrana. The high-risk move didn't work out for Kingston and ended up costing him the match.

Elias blocked the hurricanrana attempt and then hit a flying elbow drop to pick up the big win on RAW.

Result: Elias def. Kofi Kingston

Grade: B

Alexa Bliss had a message for the entire RAW Women's roster

We got a short backstage segment on RAW with Alexa Bliss and her 'friend' Lily. Bliss said that Lily didn't like The Fiend and she also doesn't like anyone in the RAW Women's roster.

It looks like Bliss has sent a big warning to the female stars on the red brand.

Drew McIntyre vs T-BAR and MACE (2-on-1 Handicap match) on RAW

Drew McIntyre charged at T-BAR as soon as the bell rang, trying to keep him isolated from his partner. Both men traded strikes before MACE tagged in. We saw MVP watching the action from the backstage area.

MACE had the former WWE Champion on the backfoot as he tagged T-BAR in. The former Champion looked to be in a spot of bother with T-BAR in control of the situation.

Drew McIntyre fought his way back into the match, planting T-BAR with a spinebuster followed by a Glasgow Kiss.

Both MACE and T-BAR got into the ring at this point, forcing the referee to call for the DQ.

Result: Drew McIntyre defeats T-Bar and Mace via DQ

Grade: N/A

As MACE and T-BAR continued to unload on the former WWE Champion, Braun Strowman's music hit.

The Monster Among Men chased away the former RETRIBUTION members.

Braun Strowman and Drew McIntyre vs MACE and T-BAR on RAW

The earlier bout was restarted as a tag team match on RAW. MACE and Braun Strowman started things off. Braun dominated early on but they started going back and forth with their offense. T-BAR tagged in and did well until the Monster Among Men managed to tag out.

Drew then ripped MACE's mask off as he lost his cool. He continued to unload on MACE until the referee was forced to call for the bell ending the match in a DQ.

During the brawl that ensued after the match, Braun was able to unmask T-Bar as well.

Result: MACE and T-BAR win by DQ

Grade: B

The Miz vs Damian Priest on RAW

It was an impressive start to the match from Damian Priest as the former NXT star dominated The Miz in the early stages. Priest was all over the former WWE Champion until Maryse got involved from ringside.

The Miz used the chance to hit a big boot on Priest. He followed it up with a double axe-handle from the top rope.

Priest soon got back into the match with some exceptional strikes. Maryse tried to distract him again as The Miz tried to sneak a win. Priest kicked out of the roll-up attempt and hit his finisher for the win.

Result: Damian Priest def. The Miz

Grade: B

Humberto Carillo answered Sheamus' open challenge on RAW

Sheamus was in the ring next on RAW claiming he was a fighting champion. Humberto Carillo came out to answer the Open challenge. However, the match never got started as the US Champion laid out his opponent with a thorough beatdown. He then capped it off with a Brogue Kick.

Asuka vs Charlotte Flair on RAW

RAW Women's Champion Rhea Ripley was at ringside for this match.

Charlotte took control early with a boot to the head. Asuka hit back with some offense of her own, including a series of kicks and a flying boot.

Charlotte hit back with a Spear but couldn't keep Asuka down for the three count. She then tried to lock in the Figure-four but the Empress Of Tomorrow managed to keep clear.

The Queen tried to follow with a chop block but Asuka dodged it. However, she failed to lock in the Asuka Lock and The Queen finally had the Figure-Four locked in.

Rhea Ripley got involved from ringside, giving Asuka the opening she needed. She then rolled up Charlotte Flair to beat her and win the main event on RAW.

Result: Asuka def. Charlotte Flair

Grade: B+

Charlotte Flair lost her cool after the match and attacked the referee.

Episode Grade: B

It was a rather slow episode of RAW. Riddle vs Orton was the best match of the night. It will be interesting to see what's next for T-Bar and Mace after getting unmasked on this week's episode.

Edited by Alan John
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