WWE Monday Night RAW Results: November 7, 2022 - Winners, Recap, Grades & Highlights

We got an action-packed episode of RAW as we head for WarGames!
We got an action-packed episode of RAW as we head for WarGames!

The Bloodline kicked off WWE RAW, but it was only The Usos and Solo Sikoa. The Usos bragged about beating The Brawling Brutes before warning The New Day. Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston came out and said that they will win this Friday, but the Usos called them the second-best tag team in WWE.

The two teams were arguing about who had a harder time in the WWE before Riddle came out with his bongos and asked the groups if they wanted to hit it. Jimmy Uso got in on the fun, but Jey slapped Riddle away, leading to a six-man tag team match being set up.

WWE Raw Results (November 7, 2022): Riddle & The New Day vs. The Bloodline

Jimmy and Riddle kicked off the match, with the latter having the early advantage. The New Day tagged in and after some double team moves, Woods locked in a hold. Riddle was tagged back in and got some big kicks before trying for the Floating Bro but was sent outside.

Sikoa was tagged in after the break, and they managed to isolate Riddle in the corner. New Day tagged in and hit some big moves on Solo before Woods got a near fall. Kofi came in with the Boom Drop on Solo before the Trouble in Paradise was blocked and countered with a bodyslam.

Sikoa sent Kofi outside and into the announcers' desk before tagging The Usos back in. Kofi returned with a Tornado DDT and made the tag to Riddle, who took The Usos with some big kicks and sent Solo off the apron. Riddle got a powerbomb and a Knee Strike on Jey before trying for the 450 Splash but missed.

Woods tried to take out Solo on the outside but got sent over the announcers' desk once again. Riddle got the draping DDT in the ring before getting the RKO, but Sikoa came in at the last moment and hit the Spinning Solo for the win.

Result: The Bloodline def. Riddle & The New Day

Grade: B

Baron Corbin vs. Cedric Alexander on RAW

Corbin sent Cedric into the corner early on before getting a massive lariat for a near fall. Cedric came back with a big kick and sent Corbin outside before getting a dive. Back in the ring, Cedric hit a dive and was caught with the End of Days before Corbin picked up the swift win.

Result: Baron Corbin def. Cedric Alexander

Grade: C

Seth Rollins was out next on RAW and put out an open challenge that was answered by Finn Balor of Judgment Day. Balor said that he was going to cost Rollins the belt before AJ Styles and The O.C. came out.

Rollins quietly fled the ring with his belt as The O.C. and The Judgment Day crowded the ring. AJ said that it was always three on four but they were about to even things out. Mia Yim came out and attacked Rhead Ripley with a kendo stick as the two teams started brawling.

Balor tried to flee the ring and was taken down by Anderson before AJ got the Styles Clash on Dominik. The Judgment Day retreated as The O.C. and Mia Yim took over the ring.

Seth Rollins said backstage that his open challenge was still up for grabs.

Otis vs. Elias on RAW

Otis denied Elias' early offense before countering a slam with a splash and an elbow drop. Elias hit a few high knees and got a near fall before Chad got on the apron and took a knee strike as well. Otis came in with the slam off the distraction and picked up the easy win.

Result: Otis def. Elias

Grade: C

The Judgment Day were backstage and said that The O.C. just created more problems for themselves.

Bianca Belair, Asuka, and Alexa Bliss were out next, and so were Damage CTRL. The two teams started arguing and yelling at each other before a brawl broke out. Team Bianca managed to clear the ring and Belair declared that they were taking this to WarGames before Nikki Cross attacked them from behind.

Damage CTRL came back and with the help of Nikki, took down the babyfaces before Bayley accepted the challenge for WarGames.

Austin Theory vs. Shelton Benjamin on RAW

Austin Theory went for a big slam early on but Shelton countered it into a German suplex. Shelton went after Theory on the ropes before Austin jabbed him in the eye and sent him down to the mat. Theory finally connected with the A-Town Down before getting the pin.

Result: Austin Theory def. Shelton Benjamin

Grade: C

The Miz was out next on RAW and said that Johnny Gargano's story from last week was false, and Miz was making a big documentary to tell his side of the story.

Gargano came out and said that the Hollywood producer who Miz had dinner with was a private investigator and recorded him with a hidden camera.

We saw footage of The Miz declaring that everything Gargano said was true. He admitted to paying Dexter and confessed that it was all a publicity stunt.

Johnny Gargano vs. The Miz on RAW

Gargano had the early advantage and took the Miz down before heading outside to showboat. Miz looked like he hurt his arm, and Gargano attacked the injured limb. Miz came back with a kick and set Gargano up on the ropes before hitting a knee to the back of the head.

The Miz got a clothesline in the corner before Gargano came back with a neckbreaker. Miz was kicked off the apron before Gargano hit a dive to the outside but was sent into the barricades. Back after a break on RAW, Gargano was sent outside and into the announcers' desk.

The Miz got a weapon from under the ring but then freaked out as someone tried to drag him in. He sent the ref to check under the ring and hit a cheap shot on Gargano before The Miz picked up the win.

Result: The Miz def. Johnny Gargano

Dexter Lumis came out and took the Miz down with a steel chair before being chased off by officials.

Grade: B

Damage CTRL was hyping up Nikki Cross for her match tonight and Cross did an evil laugh before heading out.

Dana Brooke (c) vs. Nikki Cross - WWE 24/7 Title match on RAW

Cross got some big moves in early on but Brooke got a crossbody and unloaded on her in the ring corner. Cross came back with some strikes of her own and put her knees down in the corner. Nikki got a top rope neckbreaker and picked up the win.

Result: Nikki Cross def. Dana Brooke to become the new 24/7 Champion

Grade: C

Nikki was staring at the ceiling all night, and while she was walking out with Damage CTRL, she dropped the title in the trash.

Rollins was out next and said that it has been ten years since he joined the WWE and the fans cheered him on, thanking him. He put out the Open Challenge once more before Mustafa Ali showed up on the titantron. He was about to accept the challenge, but Bobby Lashley took him out to take his place.

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Bobby Lashley - United States Title Open Challenge on RAW

Lashley sent Rollins outside before the bell and sent him into the barricades over and over before tossing him back in the ring. Rollins countered a spear with a superkick before sending Lashley into the steel steps.

Rollins tried for a pedigree on the floor before Lashley unloaded on the champ once more. Officials came out to stop the brawl, but Lashley put Rollins through the announcers' desk with a big slam before walking off.

Result: N/A

Grade: C

Seth Rollins (c) vs. Austin Theory - United States Title match on RAW

Austin Theory walked in after Lashley made his way out and, after a break, called for a Money in the Bank contract to be cashed in. Theory took Rollins down right away and tried for a pin, but Rollins kicked out. Theory got his finisher but failed to get the pin again.

Rollins tried for the Pedigree but Theory reversed it for another near fall. Rollins sent Theory outside before getting the powerbomb and a superkick before Theory got the A-Town Down. Bobby Lashley came back and took out the ref before he could count to three.

Theory was furious and yelled at Bobby but got taken out as well before being caught in the Hurt Lock. Theory was knocked out before the referee recovered and nearly counted him out. Back in the ring, Rollins got the stomp and picked up the win.

Result: Seth Rollins def. Austin Theory to retain the United States Title

Grade: B

Episode rating: B

We got some quick matches tonight while Bianca and Bayley set up a WarGames match. Nikki Cross picked up the 24/7 Title and we got a big open challenge main event on tonight's RAW.