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WWE Raw Results January 2nd 2017, Latest Raw winners and video highlights

An eventful Raw saw the build to Royal Rumble continue.

Raw was in Tampa, Florida this Monday night

The first Raw of the year was an anticipated one, with the return of Goldberg, a Last Man Standing match, and general anticipation for the build to the Royal Rumble in general. The Road To Wrestlemania begins in a few weeks, and tonight was a step closer to the road.

JeriKO confront Foley & Stephanie

JeriKO didn’t have kind words for RAW  GM Mick Foley

Raw was in Tampa, Florida this Monday night. A preview is shown of Goldberg’s return and the Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman Last Man Standing match. Mick Foley was in the ring, with a brand new look. He had his hair and beard cut.

He started talking about the upcoming Universal Championship match at the Royal Rumble, pointing to the shark cage on the entrance ramp. Owens asked Foley if he thought it was funny to hang Jericho above the ring.

They called his haircut a joke and called him giving Roman Reigns a title shot a joke. Jericho then started a verbal rant against Foley. Owens said that Foley has a personal issue against them. Foley said that Kevin Owens will get a new talk show with his first guest host being Goldberg.

Stephanie then came out and told JeriKO that he had the right to do what he did. She then said Roman Reigns will defend his United States Championship against Chris Jericho, and if Roman Reigns gets counted out or submitted he will lose his championship.

Owens vs. Seth Rollins was announced next. The loser would be banned from ringside for the main event United States Championship match.

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