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WWE RAW Results June 10th, 2019: Winners, Grades, Video Highlights for latest Monday Night RAW

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Seth Rollins kicked off RAW and gave us a recap of the beating he gave Brock Lesnar at Jeddah. Corbin came out and announced that he pulled the strings backstage and got himself a rematch for the Universal Title at Stomping Grounds but this time, he could pick a guest referee of his choice since the last official let him down.

Rollins was wondering who was dumb enough to side with Corbin and Sami Zayn came out to say that the title is turning Seth into a madman. Rollins threatened to kick Zayn's a** and Kevin Owens came out via wildcard to defend his buddy.

Rollins was utterly frustrated at this point and told KO to join him in the ring. The two decided on a title match as the main event for the night before the segment ended.

Segment rating: B

Lars Sullivan vs Lucha House Party - Elimination Match

Sullivan wasted no time and he started things off against Kalisto. He took two dropkicks but didnt even flinch. A giant Urinagi by Sullivan took out Kalisto.

Kalisto is eliminated

Lince Dorado was next. He tried and failed with a Hurricanrana before he was taken out with a Powerbomb.


Lince Dorado is eliminated

Sullivan hit Gran Metalik with a Powerbomb and pinned him but stopped. He interrupted the pin himself, went out and destroys Kalisto, bending his spine over the stairs. He went back in, planted Metalik, went for a pin but stops again.

He went out and rammed Lince Dorado head-first into the post. He entered the ring again and hit him with a headbutt, before finally pinning him and celebrating over their mangled bodies.

Result: Lars Sullivan def. Lucha House Party

Match rating: B

We cut to backstage and R-Truth was being chased by half the roster. They ran into an elevator but the officials were outside. The elevator got stuck and the Superstars were stuck in a precarious situation.

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