RAW Results: Big E has a message for Roman Reigns; Former WWE Champion removed from Survivor Series team

KO and Liv made huge statements tonight
KO and Liv made huge statements tonight


Big E kicked off RAW and said that Roman Reigns and The Bloodline took things too far and went after his family, the New Day on SmackDown. The WWE Champion said he would have his revenge on Reigns at Survivor Series on Sunday before addressing Kevin Owens.

"I promise you this, I'm going to break bad on every single superstar in that #WWERaw locker room and I'm going to break bad on YOU. And YOU DESERVE IT. Everything that happens from here on out ... it's YOUR fault."@FightOwensFight has ZERO remorse for his actions.#WWERaw

Owens walked out and said he snapped last week after Big E cost him the match. He said that everyone who doubted him and thought he was a liar could go to hell and that everything going forward from now on will be Big E's fault.

#WWEChampion @WWEBigE wants a FIGHT with @FightOwensFight, but it looks like he's got one with The @WWEUsos instead! #WWERaw

Owens walked out of the arena and Big E followed him but The Usos blindsided the WWE Champion on the stage and beat him back to the ring. They taunted E and the red Brand before Riddle came out to defend him.

The Usos were about to retreat when Big E and Riddle turned things around before Sonya Deville came out and booked a tag team match between the two groups.

Looks like we've got ourselves a TAG TEAM MATCH up next on #WWERaw!@WWERollins@WWEUsos@WWEBigE@SuperKingofBros

Seth Rollins walked out after the match was about to start and joined the commentary team as the match began.

Big E & Riddle vs. The Usos on RAW

Not the only #WWERaw Superstar who wanted to do that...@WWEBigE@WWERollins

Big E and Jimmy Uso kicked off the match and E and Riddle were dominating at the start. The bout headed outside early on and Big E tossed Jimmy at Rollins.

Big E took Rollins out with a big shot at ringside before heading back inside but The Messiah followed him in and attacked the WWE Champ, causing the match to end in DQ.

Result: DNF

#TheViper hits the scene ... AND an #RKO!@RandyOrton has @SuperKingOfBros and @WWEBigE's backs against @WWERollins and The @WWEUsos. #WWERaw

Rollins and The Usos teamed up to attack Big E and Riddle before Randy Orton ran out to make the save. Randy hit an RKO on Jey and saved Riddle before we headed for a break.

Grade: C

Big E & RK-Bro vs. Seth Rollins & The Usos on RAW

NOW HOLD ON A MINUTE, BRO!We've got ourselves a 6-Man Tag Team Match with the addition of @WWERollins and #TheViper @RandyOrton!#WWERaw

Back after a break on RAW, the match restarted with Orton and Rollins on either team and Seth was in the ring, taking a beating from Riddle and the champs. Jey and Big E tagged in and the latter hit a splash before we headed for a break.

Back on RAW, Rollins got a near fall on Orton before Riddle tagged in and hit an exploder suplex on Seth before taking out both The Usos. Seth came back in and got an elbow for the rolling press before picking up the win on Riddle.

Result: Seth Rollins & The Usos def. Big E & RK-Bro

That dastardly @WWERollins picks up the win for his team on #WWERaw!

The Usos attacked Riddle after the match but Orton came in and hit the RKO to make the save yet again. Big E hit a Big Ending to Jey as a direct message to Roman.

This one goes out to @WWERomanReigns ahead of #SurvivorSeries this Sunday!Courtesy of #WWEChampion @WWEBigE.#WWERaw

Grade: B

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