WWE RAW Results: Rollins viciously knocked out; Title challenger claims Bloodline will end after WrestleMania - Winners, Recap, Grades and Highlights

We got a hard-hitting episode of WWE RAW tonight as we head for WrestleMania!
We got a hard-hitting episode of WWE RAW tonight as we head for WrestleMania!

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens kicked off RAW and were both happy to be working together again. Sami said that they had always been brothers even when using each other to climb the ranks in WWE, while Owens said that he had always been Sami's biggest fan.

The Usos interrupted the two and said that they were both backstabbers and Sami said that Jey's biggest dream was to upstage Roman Reigns. KO and Sami challenged the Usos to a WrestleMania match and they agreed before rushing to the ring.

KO and Sami fought the Usos off before we saw on the Titantron that Roman and the rest of the Bloodline were heading into the arena. The Usos backed off and we headed for an ad break.

WWE RAW Results (March 20, 2023): Austin Theory vs. Montez Ford

Theory started off strong and tried for a headlock before Ford broke out and hit a shoulder block and did the 'You can't see me' gesture. The champ took some boots in the corner before he was sent outside with a clothesline.

Back after a break on RAW, Ford got a dive and some clotheslines before Theory kicked out of a standing moonsault. Theory came back and tried for the A-Town Down but took a DDT instead.

Ford missed a big frog splash in the ring before Theory got a dropkick. Austin hit the A-Town Down and picked up the win.

Result: Austin Theory def. Montez Ford

Grade: B

Backstage on RAW, Roman Reigns was unhappy with the Usos' performance during the opening segment. Jimmy was fuming and said that he would never forgive Sami Zayn for trying to turn Jey against him.

Roman wanted to speak to Jey alone and asked him if he was still with the Bloodline. Jey said yes and Roman told him that he loved him before RAW moved on.

Adam Pearce was in an interview when Chelsea Green interrupted him to tell him that she was now tag partners with Piper Niven.

Omos vs. Mustafa Ali on RAW

Omos got a big shoulder tackle right off the bat and sent Ali flying across the ring. Dolph Ziggler watched from backstage as Omos drove Ali into the corner and hit some big elbows before getting the chokeslam powerbomb for the win.

Result: Omos def. Mustafa Ali

Grade: C

Logan Paul was backstage and The Miz asked if he wanted him on his show tonight, but Paul told him no.

Logan Paul was out next and said that he was his own guest for the night since none of his famous friends wanted to come to St. Louis. He was hyping up his WrestleMania match against Seth Rollins but his mic kept getting cut off.

Seth Rollins showed up on the Titantron and was in the production van. Rollins taunted Paul before playing his own entrance music and heading out to the ring. Seth attacked Paul without saying a word and dragged him out of the ring before officials tried to break them up.

The two went over the announcers' desk before Paul was dropped on it. Rollins tried to hit a dive from the ropes but hit security guards instead. Paul came in with a big strike and knocked Seth out before walking off.

Johnny Gargano vs. Dominik Mysterio on RAW

Dominik was sent ringside before Gargano hit a big dive to the outside. Dominik dropped him on the barricades before we headed for a break on RAW. Back to the match, Dom hit the Three Amigos suplexes before Gargano sent him into the corner.

Gargano got a big spear for a near fall before Dom tried for the 619 but missed. Dom was sent head-first into the turnbuckles before Gargano got a near fall off a superkick. Dom took Gargano down and hit a frog splash on the injured ribs before getting the win.

Result: Dominik Mysterio def. Johnny Gargano

After the match, Dominik said that he knew how to get Rey to accept the WrestleMania match and it involved asking his mom.

Grade: B-

Backstage on RAW, Roman Reigns wanted to speak to Solo Sikoa alone and sent The Usos home. Edge got a video promo talking about how he won't apologize for anything he does to Finn Balor inside the Hell in a Cell.

Rhea Ripley was out next and said that Charlotte was washed up and that she won't be able to keep Rhea down any longer. Damage CTRL interrupted her and Bayley said that Rhea should have just come to them for help.

Rhea tried to say that she didn't need help before Bayley said that she was getting arrogant. Bayley challenged Rhea to a match and Pearce cleared it backstage and sent a ref out to call it.

Rhea Ripley vs. Bayley on RAW

Ripley was in control early on and sent Bayley outside before hitting a big dive. Rhea got a near fall in the ring with a knee strike before IYO SKY ran a distraction and Kai attacked Rhea from behind and jabbed her in the eye.

Bayley got a near fall off the distraction before Trish Stratus, Lita, and Becky Lynch showed up at ringside. Rhea came in with a headbutt and hit the Riptide before getting the win.

Result: Rhea Ripley def. Bayley

Grade: B-

Otis was getting a manicure backstage when Gable told him they had a match tonight. Maxxine Dupri came in and said that they had a photoshoot and wanted Otis to go with her but he chose to head to the ring instead.

Ricochet vs. Chad Gable on RAW

Gable started off strong and tried for an early roll-up before taking a dropkick. He hit Ricochet with a bodyslam off the ropes before getting a big clothesline. Back after a break on RAW, Ricochet got a dropkick and an elbow drop.

Gable took a shooting star press for a near fall before getting a near fall of his own off the Cliffhanger DDT. Gable got a big suplex for another near fall before Maxxine came out and took Otis away. Ricochet used the distraction to take Gable down and get the 450 Splash for the win.

Result: Ricochet def. Chad Gable

Grade: B

Asuka & Bianca Belair vs. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven on RAW

Green and Belair kicked off the match and Asuka tagged herself in before she and Belair got some double-team moves and cleared the ring.

Back after a break on RAW, Asuka got some kicks on Piper before Belair tagged back in to hit a big dropkick on Niven and a vertical suplex on Green.

Green broke up a near fall from Belair before Asuka accidentally ran into Belair in the corner. Belair managed to lift Niven and hit the KOD for the win.

Result: Asuka & Bianca Belair def. Chelsea Green & Piper Niven

Asuka attacked Belair after the match and took her out with a sliding knee before celebrating in the ring.

Grade: B

Roman Reigns was out next with Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa. Before Roman could speak, Cody made his way out in a suit. Cody asked Roman what was on his mind and told Heyman to step back and let Roman speak.

Roman said that what Cody represented was the problem: 'it' being the idea of being an old-school pro-wrestler like their parents. Roman accused Cody of running away when WWE wanted him to play Stardust, and Rhodes fired back saying that if anyone mentioned his dad again, he was going to vomit.

Cody said that when he beats Roman at 'Mania, The Usos, Solo, and Heyman would all leave his side. Roman dropped the mic and left the ring, leaving Solo behind. Roman called for Sikoa to join them but Cody taunted him, causing him to try for the Samoan Spike.

Cody countered the Spike with a superkick before Roman came back and told Solo to retreat as RAW went off the air.

Episode rating: B

We got the big reunion for Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens to kick off the show while Rhea Ripley picked up a big win on Bayley tonight on RAW.

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