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WWE RAW Reunion: 5 Reasons why Bray Wyatt attacked Mick Foley

Riju Dasgupta
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Published Jul 23, 2019
Jul 23, 2019 IST

This was the most terrifying moment of WWE RAW Reunion
This was the most terrifying moment of WWE RAW Reunion

RAW Reunion was a show that had a whole lot of big stars show up to remind the WWE Universe how much better the show used to be back in the day. Jokes aside, it was a fun show jampacked with a lot of exciting segments.

I mean John Cena showed up at the top of the show, DX had a great showdown with The OC, and the 24X7 Championship changed hands a whole lot of times over the course of the night. And then Mick Foley showed up in what seemed like it would be a feel-good segment to address the WWE Universe.

But then the lights would go out and Bray Wyatt would show up in his Fiend avatar, much to the amazement of the WWE Universe in attendance. Why did Bray Wyatt take out the legendary Foley?

Let me examine the reasons in this very article...

#5 To get the character over with a bigger mainstream audience

It is no secret that there are fewer people watching the current WWE product than ever before in the company's illustrious history. Some have attributed this to booking while others have blamed the changing patterns of television consumption for the said phenomenon. However, they still view the Attitude Era and the Golden Era with much nostalgia.

A lot of names from those two eras came to the RAW Reunion show this week. And because of the additional eyeballs that were on the product, it was the perfect stage for Bray Wyatt to attack a legend. This created a historic moment for the relaunch of his character.

Close on the heels of his attack on Finn Balor, this is just the kind of push he needs to re-establish himself as a top star again. Great work from WWE in building a top draw with the whole world watching!

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