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WWE reportedly offer new deals to two soon-to-be free agents

Danny Hart
Published Jan 11, 2020
Jan 11, 2020 IST

The Revival are out of contract soon
The Revival are out of contract soon

It is being reported by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp that WWE is making a renewed effort to keep The Revival’s Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder with the company.

Both Superstars, whose contracts are due to expire in spring 2020, were offered new deals in 2019 worth around $550,000 per year. However, they chose not to re-sign and they are now just months away from potentially leaving WWE.

Writing on Fightful Select, Sapp said one source has told him that WWE is “throwing everything” at the three-time Tag Team Champions in an attempt to convince them to re-sign, but the Superstars are just saying “we’ll let you know”.

Sapp is also reporting that the deals offered to Dawson and Wilder “approached and perhaps exceeded” the figures that were offered to Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson when they re-signed in 2019, while they have also been offered reduced dates as part of their new contracts.

This follows a report from Sportskeeda’s Tom Colohue last week that WWE is “increasingly confident” of keeping The Revival, with the company “not particularly afraid” of possible interest from AEW.

How does Vince McMahon view The Revival?

After two relatively underwhelming years on WWE’s main roster, The Revival re-established themselves as one of the top tag teams in the world during their time on RAW and SmackDown in 2019.

Regardless of fan reactions and opinions of social media users, there is still one person in WWE whose viewpoint is the most important, and that is Vince McMahon.

Sean Ross Sapp added that many people within WWE are behind The Revival, so it is now a question of whether the WWE Chairman is a fan of their work as a tag team.

“It's also said that most top executives and names of influence have always wanted to keep The Revival around, it's a matter of Vince McMahon being on board with the things they want, and their act in general.”
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