WWE Royal Rumble 2020: 5 Possible finishes for King Corbin vs. Roman Reigns

Round 4 between Reigns and Corbin
Round 4 between Reigns and Corbin
Modified 21 Jan 2020
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Roman Reigns and King Corbin will be pulling double duty at the 2020 Royal Rumble PPV. They'll first have a "Falls Count Anywhere" match but will then both be a part of the over-the-top-rope melee. The match should be the final nail in their months-long feud that has spanned from the end of 2019 through the beginning of the new year.

The stipulation of "Falls Count Anywhere" is basically a No DQ match where pins can happen anywhere in the arena. Because of that notion, we should expect to see a lot of outside interference from both sides. It won't be anything new in the feud but it gives the secondary players like Bobby Roode, Dolph Ziggler, the Revival and the Usos an excuse to stick their noses into the fray.

With Reigns being such a heavy favorite to win the actual Rumble match, it would be overkill for him to win twice at the event. I think King Corbin gets the most out of his outside help and picks up the win prior to the more important battle royal. There isn't a title match attached to the winner of the Corbin/Reigns match and those are the only types of bouts that the Big Dog loses. When he first fought Bobby Lashley in 2018, Lashley won. But when they squared off once more with a WWE Universal Championship shot on the line, Reigns won.

My point is that yeah, Reigns might lose to Corbin, but it will only likely be done to make his eventual triumph at the end of the night seem all the more heroic. So how will they get to the climax of their singles match before they try to secure a title shot at the Show of Shows? Here are five possible finishes for the Royal Rumble match between King Corbin and Roman Reigns.

#5 One participant wins by putting the other in a situation they can't get out of

Will Corbin or Reigns put the other under a pallet like Rollins did against Rowan?
Will Corbin or Reigns put the other under a pallet like Rollins did against Rowan?

With an entire arena to play with, there won't be a shortage of inventive ways that either Reigns or Corbin can pick up the pin-fall. They'll have the usual clangy poles and concession stands as well as parking lots and other backstage locales. These types of matches usually end when one person puts the other through an insane obstacle, like a bunch of tables. They also end when a combatant falls off of some high staging or a cage.

That's what ended the Shane McMahon/Miz match at WrestleMania 35. They both fell off of some staging in the actual arena, leading to McMahon picking up a win over the full-time wrestler the Miz.

The other way these matches can end is if one performer stuffs his/her opponent either under a heavy table or something similar like in the above photo. Seth Rollins beat Erick Rowan in a "Falls Count Anywhere" match by lowering a forklift with a pallet on it on top of the former member of the Wyatt Family. I'm sure there will be pallets and forklifts in Houston, so they might get used once again in determining the outcome of a match.

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Published 21 Jan 2020
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