WWE Rumor Roundup: Former Champion got released after contracting COVID-19, controversial idea for Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley, Aleister Black sends cryptic message - 29th March 2021

Modified 30 Mar 2021
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#4 Idea for Brock Lesnar's return at WWE WrestleMania 37

Former WWE Champion Brock Lesnar will surprisingly not be a part of this year's WrestleMania card. However, fans are still hoping that The Beast Incarnate might return for an appearance at the show.

Talking to Boston Wrestling MWF’s Dan Mirade, John Cena Sr. talked about the WWE Championship match between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 37. He said that it would be a better idea if Lashley retains the WWE Championship instead of McIntyre winning it.

In order to do so, Cena Sr. believes that the WrestleMania match should either have a special referee for the match or an outside interference from Brock Lesnar.

''What I’d like to see at WrestleMania, Lashley against McIntyre, and I know you’re not in favor of this stuff, but if you want a special guest referee or a run-in so that nothing happens, I’d bring my man Brock Lesnar in to shake things up. That would be the surprise of surprises. Let it go from there. But please, please, don’t let this bubble bounce back and forth.''

Although it is highly unlikely that Lesnar will be returning at WrestleMania 37, John Cena Sr.'s idea would certainly make the bout between Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley more interesting.

Published 30 Mar 2021
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