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WWE Rumors: Alberto Del Rio might leave the WWE before his contract ends

Here's a look at the underbelly of the New Era

News 29 Jul 2016, 20:29 IST
The underbelly of the New Era

Reports surfaced a couple of days ago that Alberto Del Rio is considering leaving the WWE once his contract ends in October. We now hear that when he re-signed with the WWE in September 2015, he had a clause inserted in his contract that allows him to quit the company before he is obligated to.

Allwrestlingnews.com reports that while Del Rio has nothing to complain when it comes to the monetary aspect of his contract, he is frustrated with his booking. The former WWE Champion is discontent about the fact that he and partner Paige were drafted to separate brands – he’s on SmackDown while she’s on Raw.

Reportedly, Del Rio could make a lot of money working for Lucha Underground and other brands in Mexico. He was approached by TNA just before he re-signed with WWE last year, but didn’t sign because the contract left a lot to be desired, monetarily.

These reports seem very abrupt considering that when we interviewed Del Rio last month, he said he still has four or five years of wrestling left in him. He emphasized that he would not leave the WWE until he captured the big belt one last time and also the Intercontintal Championship, thereby completing his Triple Crown. He said he wants to round off his career with the WWE. 

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