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WWE Rumors: Baron Corbin getting repackaged

The Lone Wolf may be presented differently going forward

News 23 Apr 2017, 19:07 IST
Baron Corbin has been receiving a huge push on SmackDown Live

What’s the story?

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, WWE is discussing repackaging Baron Corbin in order to push him further as a top heel on SmackDown Live. 

In case you didn’t know...

Ever since the brand split, Baron Corbin has been positioned to become one of the lead heels of SmackDown Live. He has been prominently featured on television every week, and he has also been very strongly booked and protected, a clear indication of the huge push that awaits him.

Corbin has been positioned in several main event calibre matches on SmackDown Live and PPVs, and he has shown several signs of improvement. It was previously reported by the WON that changing his entrance theme is part of the repackaging plan. He has been using his current theme since his NXT days.

The heart of the matter

The overall repackaging is intended to build him up as a top heel and an opponent for Randy Orton. While the Viper is set to face Jinder Mahal at  Backlash, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Corbin come up as his next opponent, as AJ Styles is not a heel anymore and is currently involved in a program with Kevin Owens. 

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Repackaging him could be WWE’s way of strapping the rocket onto Baron Corbin’s back and making him a world title contender and a potential world champion. The commentators consistently promote him as a future world champion, so it won’t be surprising to see Corbin in that position sooner rather than later.

What’s next?

Baron Corbin will continue his trail of destruction on SmackDown Live and may very well be Randy Orton’s next challenger for the WWE Championship.

Author’s take

Baron Corbin is undoubtedly a future world champion in the making, and WWE has taken a great approach by having his push be a slow burn. He has also been booked and protected well since the brand split, which has increased his credibility in the eyes of the fans. 

Repackaging him may not be necessary as he has a character and theme song which fits him perfectly. However, it’s great to know that The Lone Wolf is destined for great things.

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