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WWE Rumours: John Cena's Royal Rumble opponent may be Baron Corbin

Rohit Nath
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John Cena may fully embrace The New Era

John Cena has been away from the long-term main event world title picture for nearly two years now. He has had only 3 World Championship matches since 2015, all of which he lost. He may be out of the chase for a world title for a bit longer now.

This is because, according to The 434, John Cena’s rumoured feud going into 2017 is with The Lone Wolf Baron Corbin.

The report stated that there had been rumours of Corbin getting a push in 2017, and the push may come earlier than expected. It will be interesting to see who comes out on top.

While history would show that John Cena would come out of the match on top, Cena has been putting over top stars of the company left and right the past two years or so. Therefore, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Cena put over The Lone Wolf, who is one of the future top heels of WWE, be it on Smackdown Live or Raw, if he is drafted there in the future.

But, it must be noted that Royal Rumble is where the Road to Wrestlemania begins. Cena’s most rumoured opponent is The Undertaker, who he was supposed to have faced last year, in what was supposed to be the latter’s retirement match.

However, plans changed as Cena was out injured for five months. It is possible to have that match next year, given there are no injuries again.

Another possible plan penned in for Cena, is to win his sixteenth World Championship, tying Ric Flair’s record. It is going to happen at some point, and what better place for it to happen than Wrestlemania? As for The Lone Wolf, don’t be surprised if he is in a mid card Championship match this Wrestlemania or even in a high profile one.

Here is Corbin’s famous Talking Smack back-and-forth with General Manager, Daniel Bryan. A lot of Corbin’s personality can be seen in this clip, proving further what a great platform Talking Smack truly is for character development.

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