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WWE Rumours: Paige not quitting WWE....yet

Previous reports on Paige quitting may not be fully true, or rather, may not be true just yet.

The  Anti-Diva may not be on her way out after all

Paige has had a roller coaster of a year so far. She’s barely been featured this year on television, after having been in such an important television role for the women’s division. She was on the Wrestlemania 32 pre-show, and she was featured a few times on television after that, even having a title match against Charlotte on Raw. 

After her and Alberto Del Rio were revealed to be dating, her position in the company took a serious toll. Last month, both Del Rio and Paige were suspended within 24 hours of each other. Though they were apparently popped for different substances, the timing was quite suspicious. Paige is still currently serving her 30-day suspension, while her significant other, Alberto Del Rio, has officially departed the company as of yesterday.

It was reported recently that after all the complications and hassle, Paige has decided that she wants to leave WWE as well and that she has sought legal council in order to help her get out of her contract which expires only in 2019. WWE has a reputation of not allowing performers compete till their non-compete clause is over, and in this case, that would be 3 full years. That is a long time without performing. 

However, it is being reported now that Paige is in fact not leaving. Or not leaving just yet, rather. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter gave the latest update on the Paige situation. She was at the press conference yesterday at Mexico City, held by Alberto Del Rio.

Paige was there at the press conference but wouldn't talk to any reporters. According to those with direct knowledge of her situation, she was basically in the same situation A.J. Lee was on when C.M. Punk left. At one point this week it did appear she was gone, right now that isn't the case, but it can change and the situation will be weird. The big difference is there is no legal action being taken against Alberto like there was against Punk.

This indeed looks like a very dicey situation for all parties involved. Alberto Del Rio stated that he left the company on good terms and that they left the door open for a return some day in the future. It will be interesting to see if Paige goes all out to try to get out of her contract, or sticks around until she can.

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