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WWE Rumors: Possible spoilers for The Royal Rumble

We take a look at the men who could emerge as the possible Royal Rumble winners.

The Royal Rumble will air on January 29 from the Alamodome in San Antonio, TX

With the first pay per view of the new year just a little over a month away, there are several rumours about the possible winners of the Royal Rumble match. According to Ringsidenews.com, a SmackDown Live Superstar like John Cena or The Undertaker may win the Royal Rumble. 

‘The Franchise’ John Cena is slated to make his return to SmackDown Live next week at the Allstate Arena in Chicago after a two-month hiatus. WWE have been hyping up Cena’s return all week, and it seems the champ is returning to a big push once again. There is not a lot that Cena has left to achieve in the WWE.

However, there may be one laurel that has escaped Mr Hustle Loyalty Respect, Ric Flair’s record of 16 World Championship wins.

There was a rumour that John would win the Rumble and then go on to face the Undertaker at WrestleMania in the Phenom’s last match. According to this rumour, Undertaker would also be a part of the Royal Rumble in a Championship match against AJ Styles, which the Phenom would win.

This would enable Cena to give the Deadman a proper sendoff and also equal Ric Flair’s elusive record. However, if Cena does win the Rumble, he would equal Stone Cold Steve Austin’s record of three Royal Rumble match wins.

The Undertaker winning the Royal Rumble match seems a bit more implausible. There are rumours of the Phenom taking on AJ Styles. In fact, Styles recently said that he would be ready to fight the Undertaker if the WWE Universe wanted to see the match. 

Inquisitr.com recently ran a piece on Chris Jericho’s chances of winning the Royal Rumble match. Jericho is listed as the third favourite to win the Rumble after Goldberg and Finn Balor. 

While Goldberg has been a favourite to win the Royal Rumble ever since he announced that he would be in the match, it is possible that Lesnar’s involvement in the same match might cost him his chance to go down in history as a Royal Rumble match winner.

Finn Balor, on the other hand, is recuperating after a shoulder injury that he sustained during his SummerSlam match with Seth Rollins. Balor has time and again said that he would not make it in time for the Royal Rumble, but it may be a ruse to cover up his surprise return at the event.

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