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WWE Rumors: Reason why Daniel Bryan is getting involved in feuds

Rohit Nath
15.75K   //    26 Nov 2016, 21:41 IST
Why is Daniel Bryan getting involved in feuds when there is no physical payoff?

Daniel Bryan has been a regular feature in the feuds on Smackdown Live over the past few months. The most notable one has been with The Miz and secondly a tiny feud with Baron Corbin. According to Cage Side Seats, Bryan will be heavily involved in feuds because WWE feels that he can get a lot of guys over.

This is the reason why his feud with The Miz has continued apart from a storyline beef with Baron Corbin. Bryan’s character, particularly on Talking Smack, is very provocative in nature. He comes up with hard-hitting questions (more so to heels) and that brings out the best in the superstars. The Miz, Baron Corbin, and Alexa Bliss are three names who have shined brightly in such situations.

If you’ve not seen The Miz’s promo yet, here is a chance to see the most buzzworthy promo of the year, and perhaps the greatest promo of The Miz’s career:

Baron Corbin himself absolutely excelled when he was put on the spot by the Smackdown Live General Manager:

Alexa Bliss as well first showed her natural charisma on Talking Smack by validating why she is the best talker in the WWE Women’s division, Raw or Smackdown Live.

With the above examples, it is safe to say that Bryan’s provocative nature is not only to help Talking Smack create the buzz but also to help get over some talents and further storylines.

Very rarely before has an external show in programming furthered storylines. However, in the case of The Miz, it earned him high praise, more heat and in turn, more prestige to his championship reign. This doesn’t mean Bryan is warming up for an in-ring return as there are no plans of doing so from WWE’s side.

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