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WWE Rumors: WWE offering contract to Joey Ryan to keep him 'iced'

Karan Bedi
2.58K   //    01 May 2019, 01:48 IST

Here comes the money!
Here comes the money!

What's the story?

According to, Dave Meltzer of provided details on why WWE would be interested in signing the very successful independant wrestler.

It was earlier reported that WWE was interested in signing the man some refer to on the indie scene as Magnum.

In case you didn't know...

Joey Ryan is probably one of the most 'controversial' professional wrestlers on the independant wrestling scene. He's been at it since 2000 and is extremely popular. He has his own YouTube channel and has intergender matches with several female wrestlers as well.

Joey Ryan has also appeared as a wrestler on the Netflix show 'GLOW.' He is a self-made indepedent wrestler who thrives on controversy and his matches tend to have overtly sexual overtones.Think Val Venis but much more cruder.

Joey Ryan has always appeared on Being The Elite and even had a storyline with Hangman Page who 'murdered him' and he reappeared at All In. If you watch the video below, you will see that his entrance was a parody of The Undertaker's many resurrections.

The heart of the matter

As reported by, Dave Meltzer had this to say as to why WWE would even offer a contract to Joey Ryan.

The things with WWE is that WWE will pay people to take him off the board because they know he’s going to AEW. I mean that’s the one thing that’s going on there. I mean like I don’t know of them even contacting him for ten years and then like whatever it was last week they contacted him.
They contacted him as soon as he got the Lucha Underground release with the idea that he’s being all over Being The Elite, but he’s not signed and everyone else on Being The Elite is signed. I mean I know they’re figuring he wouldn’t be all over that thing on AEW if those guys didn’t have ideas for him, but he’s not signed so now WWE can take a guy in the middle of those storylines.

Dave Meltzer further insituated that WWE is trying to keep him 'on ice' as it's most likely they wouldn't keep him on the main roster.

What's next?

It's quite apparent that WWE is trying to sign all the talent they can. Jim Ross also insituated the same when he said that WWE recently paid $500,000 to just keep an undercard talent in the company and keep him away from other promotions and AEW. While there isn't a ratings war going on, there is certainly a battle to sign young and exciting talent.

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