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WWE Rumors: Reigns and Rollins on RAW, Cena and Styles on SmackDown

Cena and Styles might even battle it out for a new belt

The stage is yours, gentlemen

Cyclical patterns are not uncommon in business and the WWE is about to undergo its first pure experience. The good ol’ days are coming back from July 19th, but we’ll know how good a wee prior.

The WWE Draft is expected to be held on July 11th and there is already considerable buzz on who will go where. This past week on RAW, WWE Tag Team Champions New Day became the first to voice a lot of peoples’ thoughts when they brought up the possibility of their separation.

Cagesideseats.com reports the likelihood of John Cena and AJ Styles being the marquee attractions of SmackDown, while WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will battle for supremacy on RAW. 

You’ll have a whole new battlefield

Each show will gets its own roster and it is heard that the United States Championship will go to SmackDown while the Intercontinental Championship remains on RAW. Reports suggest that the biggest belt in wrestling will be divided before being conquered. Cena and Styles will probably fight it out for a version of the belt on SmackDown. 

Another sub-plot in the “brand extension” is the power struggle between Stephanie and Shane. It doesn’t seem more than a sibling squabble now, but undercurrents suggest that it will inflame to an all-out war. SmackDown will air at  8/7 PM CT on the USA Network on Tuesdays. 

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