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WWE Rumors: Sami Zayn reportedly has backstage heat on him from WWE Officials

Meltzer claims Zayn's recent Raw segment indicates this.

Sami Zayn is believed to have backstage heat on him

What’s the story? 

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there is talk that Sami Zayn currently has backstage heat on him. During the main event of Raw, Zayn had teamed up with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, as they took on Kevin Owens, Chris Jericho and Braun Strowman.

During that evening backstage, Zayn was seen backstage discussing a plan of attack with Reigns and Rollins. Both men had walked away, and as Meltzer describes, it didn’t do anything to get anybody over. 

In case you didn’t know...

Here is the backstage clip from Raw which Meltzer said indicated that Zayn had backstage heat on him:

The heart of the matter:

Dave Meltzer has reported a lot of accurate, but sometimes inaccurate cases of Superstars being buried by the WWE for whatever reason. Here is a further explanation of what took place on Raw from Meltzer:

So, the purpose of the segment was not to get anyone over or build the match. It was to establish Zayn as a total geek. Zayn does have heat on him right now.  They had him say some nonsensical stuff and Rollins and Reihns rolled their eyes at him, like, ‘who is this guy?’ Unlike Bayley later, where an idea that they thought would get her over fell flat, this was very much about getting Zayn under.

While Meltzer did not elaborate on why exactly Zayn has backstage heat on him, there was an incident where the WWE United Kingdom Championship’s Twitter account posted a clip of HC Dyer doing his version of the Blue Thunder Bomb. Zayn was not happy with the tweet. Here is the tweet of the Blue Thunder Bomb:

Zayn’s tweet has since been deleted, but here was his response:

Why imitate when you can create?

Tyson Kidd also later chimed in and replied to Zayn’s comment in a tweet that was also deleted. Here is a quote of the tweet:

You created the Blue Thunder Bomb? Does Jun Akiyama know this??

What’s next?

The UK tournament was run by Triple H, which saw Tyler Bate win the first ever WWE United Kingdom Championship. Zayn’s comments may have lead to the current backstage heat.

Sportskeeda’s take:

Sami Zayn hasn’t had the best run in the WWE, as compared to his run in NXT. While his feuds with Kevin Owens on WWE television have been memorable, Zayn has yet to win any titles for the company.

With this backstage heat, things definitely don’t seem promising. He could play the role of Daniel Bryan, portraying the character everyone feels bad for, but only time will tell. 

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