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WWE Rumors: Shayna Baszler wanted on the main roster but may stay in NXT because of AEW

Karan Bedi
Published Nov 25, 2019
Nov 25, 2019 IST

Baszler is here to stay
Baszler is here to stay

If anyone missed Survivor Series 2019, it looks like WWE put over NXT in a big way. They won the night eking 4 wins with Shayna Baszler beating both Becky Lynch and Bayley in the main event. It's clear that WWE wanted to ensure that NXT came over as a legitimate third brand rather than a developmental one and went all in to ensure that happened.

With that in mind, it's also clear that NXT has some great stars in their midst with Baszler being "numero uno" on that list alongside some others. Now, according to Cageside Seats, Dave Meltzer of the WON is reporting that Baszler is wanted on the main roster, but "'the dynamic has changed greatly” with AEW on TNT being opposite NXT on USA.

To put it in no uncertain terms, the AEW effect is in full motion. For years, it's been mentioned NXT was the "supreme brand" in WWE with its dichotomy of having mostly in-ring action with very little sports entertainment and just being about professional wrestling.

WWE has realized, in no small way, that the brand is over with the WWE crowd. They're looking to attract more viewers to their brand and it's not too difficult to deduce why NXT went over at Survivor Series 2019.

Moreover, NXT recently won the ratings war when they beat AEW after being bested by them for 7 straight weeks. It looks like the decision to push the black and gold brand will continue as the brand needs to get a few more wins over AEW, so that the NXT win at Survivor Series won't be in vain.

Additionally, it keeps everyone interested in the product. WWE will want to keep this momentum going in the weeks to come as it will most likely be wanting to solidify the brand split going forward.

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