WWE Rumors: Unique first time MITB match being added to Money in The Bank as the third ladder match?


What's the story?

MITB Ladder matches are one of the most anticipated matches for the WWE Universe all throughout the year, and we are just a few weeks away from these ladder matches taking place.

While the norm is for one Men's and one Women's Ladder match to take place every year, it looks like WWE might be planning a new concept from this year's PPV.

In case you didn't know...

The Money in the Bank ladder match allows the winner of the match to obtain a briefcase with a contract, that gives them the right to challenge for the World Championship of their choosing at any given time.

We have seen multiple Superstars such as Edge, CM Punk and Carmella cleverly cash-in their contracts to win their first World Championships; which is one of the reasons that an MITB winner is seen as an almost sure shot future Champion.

The heart of the matter

There were reports stating that local Hartford, Connecticut media revealed who would part of the men’s and women’s MITB Ladder matches at the Money in the Bank PPV on May 19.

However, there has been another leak indicating that WWE may be having a first-time ever NXT MITB match at the show.

The poster shows that Adam Cole, Pete Dunn, Tyler Breeze, and Matt Riddle among others may be a part of the match.

Check out the posters of all three leaked MITB Matches on

What's next?

Money In The Bank will be taking place on May 19th which is just a few weeks away, and it looks like WWE has some major plans to surprise the fans with this first-time ever NXT MITB match taking place on the show.

Would you like to see this third ladder match be added to the card? Tell us in the comment section.

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